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Hi there,

Earlier this week, I experienced some spotting and cramping in my pregnancy - I am currently 7 weeks pregnant. When my Dr did an internal she found my external OS was wide open but the internal OS is closed. I was told a miscarriage is inevitable, but when I went for an U/S it showed a very alive baby with no complications whatsoever. Upon further discussion with my Dr we have discussed the possibility of an incompetent cervix due to the fact I gave birth only 6 months ago to my first baby who was 8lb and I was given an episiotomy and she was ripped out with forceps. So we believe some damage done to my cervix has not had time to heal...

I would really like to hear from anyone who has any opinions/knowledge on an incompetent cervix as to what I can expect, and also if anyone has another opinion as to what the problem could be???? :~

Cheers! grin
From what i just read, i think you need to defiently get a second opinion..
from my knowledge, if you have an imcompetent cervix, they usually stitch it up.. (although i could be wrong)

My son was 8 months old when i fell pregnant again, and he was 9.5pound, i had episiontomy and had to have forceps too, and i also had spotting early this pregnancy that couldnt be explained, and an u/s showed a viable pregnancy.. im now 30 weeks..

Defiently go and get another opinion!!

Jake 3rd December 2004, Jordan 10th June 2006

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