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hiccups?? Lock Rss


just interested to know if anyone else's babies have had hiccups heaps during pregnancy...i feel like bubs gets hiccups atleast 2 or 3 times a day...

my sister in law said her baby had hiccups heaps during pregnancy, and when she was born she suffered from really bad reflux...

but my sister said her bub had hiccups quite a bit through pregnancy and she never had any problems when she was born...


My beautiful baby boy was born 24 June

Mine gets them constantly!!!! i think i counted 4 times in one day!! it drives me nuts sometimes lol.
Its bubs way of strengthening its lungs.
I havent had mine yet so I cant comment on its connection with reflux sorry.

While i was pregnant with DD she constantly had hiccups. I think from about 34 weeks i noticed. But from 36 weeks i could definitly tell so could DP looking at my tum. Was very funny.

She had hiccups lots in the first 6 weeks i think. I thought it was because i BF but all babies i know who were FF got them heaps also.

My DD didnt suffer from any reflux smile]
My first 2 children had hiccups constantly and neither suffered from reflux... I am now 32weeks pregnant and bub has just started getting them a few times a day again... They can be annoying at stages but my children get a real giggle out of feeling their little sister with the hiccups...
Good luck

Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks


Austin had the hiccups heaps before he was born. At least twice a day and they were really violent. You could see my whole belly move!

He gets them quite badly still now that he is born but only say once every second day. He did have reflux for a while but it wasn't horrible and he grew out of it even though he still gets bad hiccups

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