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The earliest anyone has felt Baby move? Lock Rss

Hi There,
I am wondering when the earliest anyone has felt their baby move?
I am 13 weeks 2 days and this is my 7th child! I know I know....I am crazy!
I am sure I felt something on Friday and a few things since.
Am I silly to think that it is my baby?? I know what it feels like and I am sure it was Bubs.
Hope you help
EDD NO 7 5th Oct
Hi Manda,

I have read that second time mums feel the baby moving earlier, so going off that, I spose by your 7th you'd feel the bub very early!


Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

i felt my baby move at 13 weeks. i thought i felt something earlier but i couldnt be 100% sure. but was defenite i felt it at 13 weeks.
Hey girls,

I would say you could definately be feeling bubs this is my 3rd bubba and i swear black and blue i felt him/her at about 10.5 weeks i am now 16 and since 13 weeks have been getting sharp little tiny kicks lol how sweet!!!!! i said this to my ob/gyn and e said at 1o weeks it would be impossible but i am pretty sure it felt like wind bubbles (sorry) lol but without the end result just like my 1st and 2nd bubs.

As i am writing this post i am bowing in respect to u 7 kids my goodness u must never have a dull moment, plenty of love though i bet!!!

Take care xxxx

HI Manda,

Funny you should post this comment. I am 15 weeks with my second child and I could have sworn blind that I felt movement the other day. I know if it is not your first bub then you can feel it earlier but I have read at 16weeks but hey who knows????

Brooke xx

Brooke, 3yo son n due in Sept

i am pregnant with my first and am only 14 weeks but i swear i can feel him\her movin around some people may say i couldnt but i can


I felt my first jsut before 14 weeks, I am on my second and didnt feel her until 19 weeks so was most put out. I think its to do with the position they are in, I am small and my first was in a position where I felt her just about all day every day. Its funny how you know immediately that it is htem - there is nothing that feels like it to me, I wasnt sure whether I liked it at first. Like a little squirmy butterfly moving. This one is a rugby player

Vivienne, Mooloolaba

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