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Pain Lock Rss

Hi, i am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and can give me some advice. I am getting a sharp pain every now and again on my lower right side of my adbomen. I lost my bubs about 4 weeks ago (i dont think its from this), but the thing is i had a similar type of pain when i fell pregnant before. Also, when i had sex in certain positions (seems when its a bit deeper..sorry tmi!!) it really hurt in that spot. I am seeing my doctor next week, but i wondered if anyone knows what it could be. (Of course i am crapping myself about ectopic Thanks for any advice. xx
Hi there, I too have experienced that pain and would recommend you get to the docs asap I ended up having a pap smear and found out had sin2 cervical all clear now due to quick intervention! also had a spot of bleeding at times associated with it. Or even just call the health line for advise. Don't mean to worry you though and sorry about your loss.

Tash, WA,3yr old son and edd May 2nd

Hi Mel,

I Just wanted to say how sorry I was and I know how scary it can be, I had to terminate my first preg at 5 1/2 months due to him having kidney prob and no chance of survival outside the womb, that was 12/10/06. I am now 17 weeks preg with our second baby, and went through the fear of losing another baby and every pain, I couldnt work out if you were preg again or just having pains, As far as I know a scan has to be done to know if its an ectopic preg, and the pain would be so bad that you wouldnt be able to move yet alone have sex. Good luck with everything, can I ask how are you coping after your loss? I know it doesnt get easier you just learn to live with the pain!
Take Care candise
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