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Anyone feeling a little vague? Lock Rss

I am 23 and 20 weeks with my first and have been getting vaguer and vaguer by the day! I have always prided myself on being on the ball but lately...we went away last weekend and i left the oven on for the ENTIRE WEEKEND! Also, today I organised for a friend to drop by and I went to work!
Help! I feel like I am losing it a bit!
hey bec,

This is normal I think you will find that it gets worse. the other day i asked a friend if we had to put our clocks forward or back for the end of daylight savings she just stared at me like i was an !d!ot then said we live in QLD there is no daylight savings I have lived here for 8 years.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

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