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Rhiannon! Lock Rss

i think i should move in here to say hi coz thats your 'due in december' group not the hello Rhiannon group.
hope things are great at your end? mines good except we need someone to take over the lease to our house! other wise we are paying $425 in rent and repayments a week ahhhhhhhhh!
good thing we all like two minute noodles hey!
hope to hear from you real soon bye!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

by the way i felt the baby for the first time on the outside last night it was great!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam


Hey Catherine, Its such a bugger you cant participate in OHG Im so bummed! Whats up with that I wonder?
Thats so cool you found a place but yea hopefully something will come up and you dont have to pay all that money! man that would suck.

Everything is going great at my end, got my scan in two weeks! So so excited.

Hope you sort out that jolly computer soon.
Take care and talk soon!
Congratulations about feeling your little one move, its so exciting esp when you can show your partner or someone!
so you like our new place? i tried to put a few things up to make it a bit more homely, but the bluetac wasent working! it kept sliding off the screen.

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

scan in two weeks, i remember when mine was about 5 weeks away and then in a blink of an eye it was here! without your counter thing i would never know where i am/are/was i dont know.

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi Catherine! how is everything going with you?
I noticed you still cant do messages at OHG? thats such a huge bummer! at the moment were having a bit of a roll call so we can sort out who are members and who is just there to look, I will add your name if you let me know you want to keep on there?
Hows Tasmin? Hope she's being a good little girl for her mummy. Hows your pregnancy going?

hey that message you wrote I didnt quite understand?

so you like our new place? i tried to put a few things up to make it a bit more homely, but the bluetac wasent working! it kept sliding off the screen.

Sorry, Im a bit slow in the mornings haha.

Hope to hear back from you soon
Take care
all i ment with the bluetac comment was 'new place' being this post or message area, and i tried to make it a bit homely meaning i was being silly and pretending to stick things on he screen to make it more personal that was all just tring to be funny.
yes, yes and more yes's put me down i am a looker at the moment only coz thats all i can do! but im in there every day catching up i would reply if i could so please dont forget meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i wonder why its so quite every where?
tasmin is great as always, she's gone off eating much during the day, but she still eat's alot at dinner so im not worried.
hey have you got any idea's on how i should tackle her coming in to our bedroom every night, and wanting to jump into bed with us? i dont really mind now except i know once bubs comes im not going to want any more sleep taken away from me than there already will be.
the little bub is going great i had an appt on thursday and he was very happy with me! bubs heart beat strong and clear, my tummy measurements good except the creams i need for my skin i cant really use, so i have to use everything that a baby is aloud to use on there skin.
one thing i did notice was i remember tasmin heartbeat was really fast, this bubas didnt seem as quick, i feel bad for saying this but i hope its a boy, i feel bad saying it because i worry about how i will feel if we get another beautiful girl.
how's your young man Tasman? and yourself? if Tasman and Tasmin have bubs they could call them Mintas and Mantas!
sorry for that, bye

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

haha, now I get it!
geez youve got a warped sense of humour Catherine, I love it! Mintas and Mantas had me cracking up for about ten minutes! Thanks for the laughs.
Hmm, Im not sure what you could do about tasmin jumping in your bed, Im not at that stage yet but when you get it sorted let me know the trick! Maybe its worth writing a letter to the sleep expert on the general board? Shes very helpful.
I know what you mean about the sex of the bubba and dont feel bad, I really want a girl but something tells me I will be having another boy and I just so know Im going to be very bummed when they tell me its not my little girl its mainly because this may be our last pregnancy, so that would be my wish. In saying that tho, I will be happy to have another boy aswell so long as he's healthy!! funny how our brains do that!

Ok well better get going...
When you getting that computer fixed girl?
take care and talk soon!!
haha, I just noticed how our sign off sigs at the bottom are practically the same!!
hello why yes they are!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

please dont forget to sign me on that roll call page!!!!!!!
thanks and dont forget your tooth brush!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

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