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I was just wondering when everyone has started their antenatal visits at Nepean Hospital.
I just booked in and I am a bit concerned as I will be 17-18 weeks on my first visit.
My first 2 child I went in around 12-13 weeks.
Also I am worried as I dont my due date I have had a blood test and said I am about 6-7 weeks and that was last week so I dont know If I am now 7 weeks or 8 weeks.
Should I ring the hospital and ask why its so late.
They asked me if I wanted shared car with my GP or midwife only and I said midwife only.
They said ok your first appt is June 20th and you will need to see you Dr every 4 weeks until then, but I said NO to shared care.


With my first pregnancy, I opted for just midwife at Nepean Hospital, but because You cant get in until around the 18 week mark, my doctor saw me every 4 weeks until he organised the 12 week scan, blood tests, checkups on me etc. So just tell your doctor you cant get into them until late June and he/she will see you until then. If it was shared care then right through the pregnancy you would see your doctor most of the time.
I had a very similar experience with King Edward Memorial Hospital here in Perth. Once my doc had issued the hospital referral, I waited on the letter to arrive advising me of my first appointment date at KEMH ... but when it finally came, it wasn't scheduled until I was 20 weeks gone!

Well, I had an absolute fit and immediately rang the hospital to complain and query why I wasn't being offered any hospital care until I was nearly 5 months pregnant!?! They told me that I was free to see my doctor in the interim, but as my GP doesn't bulk bill and my hospital does, I was most adamant that they bring my appointment forward.

In the end, they did as I asked and my first hospital appointment was re-scheduled for when I was around 14 weeks instead. By this stage, I had already missed my 12 week scan and the first trimester genetic screening, but they tell me there are alternatives available in the second trimester so I guess I'll just have to settle for that. My advice to you if you really want to commence your hospital appointments before you're practically at your halfway mark, ring them up and be assertive ... they are there to meet your needs, not the other way around! Good luck smile

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

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