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what are your views on having more than 1 baby shower??? Rss

I just want other opinions on the "2nd, 3rd, 4th baby shower" - I think it is quite rude to have more than 1. If it is to only catch up with friends then maybe you should say no gifts. I am not trying to p*ss anyone off it just peeves me that some people think they should have one for every pregnancy. I have a friend that has just had her second and it really annoyed me as she said it was to only catch up with friends but didn't mind telling them what she wanted.

In my opinion, I've got 2 boys and only have a baby shower with the first one. I'm now pregnant with #3 and everyone has told me if it's a girl i should have another so I probably will only because that's what they are all saying. With #2 i simply just had a dinner out with everyone no gifts ... personally i think 1 baby shower for each gender is okay as they require different things, but my boys shared everything they got so don't see the need if you have 2 of the same sex.

I personally am not going to have one att all let alone more than one with my bub. I dont agree that some people only have them for the pure fact to receive presents.

I really wonder how many people would have them if it wasn't the 'norm' to bring a present, (especially in the economic climate that we are experiencing at the moment, coupled with the engagement present, kitchen tea, wedding present, baby showers, visiting baby at hospital present, christening etc present, then first birthdays)... when do you stop?
I think one for each pregnancy is fine. I have lots of cards and posters that people wrote on and things like that that I have to give to my daughter when she is older. I would want that for all my children. I would happily go to someones 2nd or 3rd shower. Baby gifts aren't that expensive to buy anyway (and normally you have 4- 5 months warning that your friend/relative is pregnant).
I think it might be a little rude to ask for them with every pregnancy I think I would just leave it and if others wanted to do it for me then thats fine but I wouldn't insist on it.

Motherhood is great!!!

I think one baby shower is enough. In my opinion, people that have more then one are greedy.
My mother in law is making me have one next month (against my wishes), but I know I couldn't go through it again if I got pregnant with my second child.
I can definately see your point, but isn't a baby shower about celebrating the bub on the way? If i got pregnant again i would probably consider having another because i think of it this way, when my children are older i can show pictures from the baby shower and all the people who were there to celebrate even before they were born!

I think it would be odd if you had 3 kids and only the first born got all this excitement! just because your having baby number two, it is in no way less exciting as number one!

thats just my thinking on this topic anyway!

I have five children and I am just pregnant with #6 and I have never had a baby shower. I think a lot of the time, from what I have seen, it is something that friends and family want to do for you. I agree though atm with how things are I wouldn't want people to feel like they had to buy you something when they just didn't have the money to do so. Maybe just a nice dinner out somewhere with the girls would be just as lovely. Insist that there are to be no presents as you have everything you need smile

I have 4 children, and didn't have a baby shower for any of them.
Having a girl after 3 boys, people spoil you immensely when the baby comes, as they do for a first child.
Personally I see it as a little greedy to have baby showers for 2nd, 3rd 4th etc children - but that is just my opinion - plenty of others would disagree
Probably a good time to get something off MY chest... I don't necessarily agree with more than one baby shower.. I/we are having our 3rd child and am not having a shower.. My DH doesn't agree with them AT ALL ...
What is annoying me at the moment is that you can't simply go to a baby shower and take a little token gift, our friends are setting up gift registries at baby shops... You are then expected to buy a decent gift when the baby is born... where does it stop ???? Is it just me being a scrooge ????

Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks

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