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cream cheese??? Lock Rss

I asked my midwife about cream cheese and she said it was fine!

Its things like blue cheese and all the fancy stuff you cant eat! But normal tasty, chedder cheese and cream cheese is fine!

Cream cheese, feta cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese is all fine as it's all pasturised.. It's the mould ripened cheese you have to stay away from like Camembert, Brie, Blue cheese etc.. When you pick up some cheese it will say on the back Pasturised cows milk then it's fine.
I asked my doctor about cream cheese and she said it was fine because it doesn't count as a soft cheese.
So i have been avoiding cream cheese for nearly 8 months for nothing hahaha devo!! thanks ladies smile

yeh, apparently it is FINE to eat cream cheese!!!

enjoy he he

My beautiful baby boy was born 24 June

In Oz, all milk products have to be pasteurised. The only place you MAY be able to buy unpasteurised cheese is at a specialist cheese shop or cellar - and it would be very clearly labelled. The only cheese that I am aware of in Oz that is imported and unpastuerised is Roquefort and that has such strict standards you would probably be fine anyway!! There may be others but they would have to be clearly labelled.

Personally, I eat all cheeses when pregnant. I usually buy them from the cellar door and ensure they are maintained at the correct temp until they make it to my fridge!

Its good to keep everything in perspective. Listeria can be present in fresh fruit and veg as well, but they haven't made it onto the no foods list for some reason!! Just use common sense and good hygiene practices!

I ate it all the time with DD and will be eating it this time around as well. I love the sweet chilli philly YUMMO!!!!!!!!

Yep did is ok as well. Just stay away from soft cheeses
[Edited on 09/05/2009]

hi there,

my midwife always told me its okay as long as its been pasturised
I have been told that ALL cheeses in Australia are safe to eat while pregnant beacuse of the high food safety standard. Worth checking the packets though I guess, like every-one else has said, if it's pasturised it's fine. That said I think we can go a little over-board with what we can and can't have.
Be sensible by all means.

Even the "experts" can't seem to agree. I had 2 doctors tell me different opinions on eating prawns!!!

Happy eating,


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