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4 Days to go and Not feeling so crash hot.. Lock Rss

I have like 4 days to go till my due date.

I'm honestly feeling like crap..

I'm really really tired, My hands are swollen and are sore to open and close, My feet and ankles are aching and full of fluid!
and i'm feeling really nautious.. I feel like i want to throw up and my tummy is feeling funny!

Should I be worried?
I'm struggling to keep my eyes open but cant get comfy to lye down..

I would say you go to the doctor and get checked just incase particularly for the swelling and nausea and tired you could have low iron but would be a good idea just to get checked to make sure all is well.

Some women feel really rundown just before they go into labour others are completly fine.
If it were me i would get a checkup just incase.

good luck hope all goes well..
you could also have pre-eclampsia which is very serious. please call your doctor, midwife or hospital.

Always to be sure call your dr or take a visit to ur hospital.
But in saying that, the night I went into labour I was so sick during the day, was was so rundown didn't want to do anything didn't even want a shower just wanted to stay in my pj's and have a cuppa, and that night at dinner I couldn't sit on a chair a couple of hours later we were having a baby, but thats my pregnancy, if unsure trust your feelings and call to get it checked out just in case. I ended up calling the hospital and they advised me to come down, just to check out what was happening.
Good luck

mummy of 2 girls

Thanks Guys,

My tummy feels funny. and i just feel sooooo run down even though I have been resting heaps.

Maybe tonight ill go into labor!

If im not feeling any better by dinner time ill go to the hospital..

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