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Free Antenatal Classes for first time Mum Lock Rss


I'm a first time Mum and I'm 29 weeks pregnant. I've been trying for weeks to find free antenatal classes in the South Brisbane area. I'm having my baby at Mater Mothers Hospital and was told that you have to pay for classes and they are fully booked.

I've trawled the internet and haven't found anything unless it comes with a huge price tag. I'm a little stressed even though I'm reading about labour etc I want to be able to go to classes in case they cover something I wouldn't have thought of.

I keep reading the benefits of antenatal classes for Mum and baby and I want the best for my baby and be informed of my choices in labour and pain relief rather than feel clueless and overwhelmed.

Can anyone help?
I was a first time mum with my DD and I couldn't attend antenatal classes as they were at night, and I was doing night classes at uni. I had a private obstetric group as my LMC, but they have a midwife who works with them, and when I told one of my OBs I couldn't go to the antenatal classes, she booked me an appointment with the midwife who explained everything about labour, interventions, pain relief and anything else I wanted to know. We spent a good hour just talking it out, and she really helped get rid of some of my fears.

Maybe you could book an extra appointment with your midwife and just tell her you couldn't make it to the classes but would still like to know about everything. And keep going with your reading as well. I'm sure your midwife will be happy to help (its her job after all) and also ask around on here, after all most of us have been through it at least once! lol

Good luck,

your hospital should have them for free, DD was born at the Redlands hospital and we wnet ot the all day class on a saturday and it was free. I dont think we will be going his time around, as we only went last year.

I have spoken to my midwife and she has given me a few websites and one was hard to navigate through because it was full of ads. The antenatal clinic at Mater Mothers said all the classes and workshops came with a fee and were all fully booked.

I've been reading information on the huggies site and its excellent but again it talks about the benefits of antenatal classes in regards to the labour process!

I'm wondering if other hospitals may let me attend an antenatal class like the one at Redlands and I heard there was a weekend workshop at Logan Hospital too.

I just have so many questions about everything!

And my lilypie forum signature isn't working properly sad

[Edited on 09/05/2009]
you can always ring and ask, if you can attend.

Hi everyone, I can see this is a pretty old thread- but I wanted to put this out there in case anyone comes across and is looking for FREE workshops!

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Wow, I was searching for some classes like this!
torrylanes123 wrote:
Wow, I was searching for some classes like this!

Hi, it’s probably very hard for you now, because a child requires so many forces and resources, I advise you to read this article, maybe it will be useful to you because there guys share their various tips and tricks on how to entertain a kid or even yourself.
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