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Ultrasound questions.... Lock Rss

Ok, so as we all know I am pregnant. I also have my wish of having an early bump, and because I have lost so much weight lately, it is becoming quite noticeable. But I was wondering, how early can I request an ultrasound? Because of the losses in the past, I am starting to panic that everything is going to go wrong. Nothing has happened to make me think I am / will losing this one, but I guess I just need that reassurance... how early is it possible to have one?

Mods please dont move - I need an answer and will probably only get one in general!

you could have one now butbeing so early on they may not find anything on screen.
Would they be able to find the heartbeat?
this is going to sound horrible ....btu at this satage of pregnancy I go to my obstrition complaining of tummy crmps and they fit me in straight away ...I know I know it's lying ...whatever !! lol lol lol ...but for me I need to see that heart beat ...

they may not get anything on a ultrasound but they will definatly see a heartbeat on an internal ultrasound ...7 weeks is plenty big enough to see a heart beat !!

you know that there are statistics out there (I wont guess at the number but they are favorable)to proove that when you have a woman with multiple misscarrage not for a medical reason (like chromosonal or something lke that )they are less likely to loose the baby once the mother has seen a heart beat is like the brain and the body are in tune once you see that little black flashing light of your babies heart beat !!
maybe, some people can have an ultrasound at 6 weeks and see something others cantsee any thing at 7 weeks just depends.

with my first pregnancy i had some spotting at 6 weeks so had an ultrasound and they couldnt find anything normaly so had to do an internal one and found the heartbeat.

but dont get your hopes up in finding anything and dont feel scared if they dont find anything cause like i said it is still very early on.
That is the problem - every little twinge in my body makes me panic that I am going to lose this bug! I am forever checking - tmi - to make sure there is no blood, and I think seeing that heartbeat would make me relax a little bit more.

I don't want to spend the whole pregnancy freaking out that something terrible is going to happen! It makes sense that women are less likely to lose bubs once they have that reassurance...
dont wory too much, i lost my first and third pregnancies (both had spotting, no spotting with my second and fourth and had my babies) i had spotting with my 5th pregnancy and so many cramps and pains early on i was convinced i would lose it but trey will be 1 in 10 days.
Have you got a understanding OB ...or even a doctor ??

they can write you out a referral and mark it urgent if you want them to ...

what state are you in ??
I'm with Frannie on this one, my DS2 took 2 years to conceive and from the day i got the two lines i was petrified, i had a lot of spotting and the like in the first few months and every time i was feeling a little uneasy id pop of to my Dr( been going to him all my life) and he would sent me for a scan, just stating that i was experiencing cramping or blood loss.

And i do truly believe that seeing the little jelly bean calms you to no end:)
My awesome GP is going on holiday for 5 weeks, but I have a backup female GP who is pretty good. The only thing is she is going to be feral that I got pregnant! She told me not to until we sorted out the issues with my non-stop bleeding!

She is pretty good though, might book in to see her tomorrow and ask for a referral..
I have the best ob on the planet ..(big call hey ? lol lol ) and he putts it like this !!

As far as the mothers contribution to a misscarrage is very small ..drugos and alcos have perfectly formed babies every day ..they are addicted to smack and rum ..but are fromed and function perfectly it is not like outside things can affect a growing feotus ...the thing that harms a baby more then anything else is stress ....(witch is great to tell a mother who is freaking out in an office pregnant for the 6th time !! lol lol )and he recons the only thing to squash that stress is knowing that the baby is all ok if seeing that heartbeat is going to calm you down and not stress so much then this is exactly what you do ...yep ...they may not see anything on the screen to determine a butt from an elbow ...but at 6 weeks a feotus has a heart beat and if the stenographer is worth a pinch of poo he will be able to find it with an internal ultrasound unpleasent as they are ...I recon seeing your baby is worth having that probe shoved up your who who
Hahaha, smack and rum... love it!

That was my thought - stress cannot be good for either mum or bubs...

Internals dont bother me all that much - last time I had one though the technician asked ME to put it in... felt like I was in a peep show... lol
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