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Baby bumb at 10 weeks???? Lock Rss

Hi I'm nearly 11 weeks pregnant and have quite a defined baby bump!! This is my first pregnancy that has not resulted in a mc so I didnt think I would be showing this early. (2 previous mc's at 6 - 7 weeks.)

I had a scan at 6 weeks and it only showed one bub but the doc had to flip my uterus or something as it was the wrong way? I am having another scan at 12 weeks to see if there is more than one bub or if it is twins.

Has anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome?


I had a bump at around 8 weeks with first pregnancy (not even sure if thats possible! but i did). I was always "measuring big" for my dates pretty much right up until the end, then things just evened out (does that make sense?). Everyone kept saying that there must definately be two in there. Just had one though- if I carried full term (delivered at 37 weeks) she would've been 9pound 9!!'

Do you have a history of twins in your family? Maybe your just having a robust/hearty bubba!


Wow I feel for you if it was a natural birth. tongue
I was a big baby 10p 9o!! lol My sister had all the rolls and my brother was the fattest baby. smile We are all quite normal weight and weren't overweight children. Just big bones. Now Im a small size 10 though so I hope my lil peanut isnt a huge baby I don't know how I'd handle it.

I'm not sure about twins in my family. My dad doesnt really talk about his side. Ive had one family member say my Grandma had a twin sister and somebody else has said she didn't. Its hard as Dad doesn't like to talk about it sad
But I guess I'll find out at my scan next week.

I have lost 5kgs though and my collarbone is sticking out along with my belly lol


Hi Jade

I started showing with my first cherub at 9 weeks- and was convinced I was having twins, and was so relieved and surprised at my first ultrasound to see only 1... this time around I was showing at 6 weeks- by showing I mean there was no way in hell I could do up my normal pants.

My OB says its very common in small-framed women.

My fundus measured perfectly all through my pregnancy though- but wasn't measured until about 18 weeks with both.

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

Thank you for that. I was freaking out as even though twins would be twice a blessing I don't know how I would have survived doing it alone smile I guess I'll find out at my scan. Thank you again


im in the same boat im 12 weeks tomorrow and hubby is convinced we r havin twins!! im pretty big i was showing at bout 8 weeks but i think u show quicker if its ur second cos of the tummy muscles

Hi Lois,

Congrats on becoming a mummy again smile Are you having a 12 week scan?? I hope it all goes to plan.


Hi ladies,
I am currently 8weeks with #2 and feel just in the past couple of days my tummy has gone POP! Not too big but being a size 8-10 it's def a POP!
I am sure I didn't start showing this early with #1 although I know i was really flabby by 12weeks haha..
#1 was 10days over and I have a photo of me looking like a huge elephant!! She was 9p 13oz. I had a natural birth in 4 hours with no tearing.. How on earth did I do it. LOL
Nicki can I please have your birth!! lol Im so jelous. I think someone may have been looking out for you on that day smile I'm glad it was easy for you.


yea my 12 week scan is on the 21st i cant wait im so excited bit nervious bout the blood tests though because im always worried about the results lol im a worry wart.

hi there,

I started showing at about 8 weeks and i ended up being huge towards the end of my first and only preg so far. I ended up so big to the point where i had people coming up to me and asking me if i was having twins and i was only just 17. Alot of my friends have just had babys now and none of then where anywhere near as big a i was. I ended up having just the one bus 2 weeks early (as i was induced) and he weighed a nice weight 4 38 weeks preg of 8 pound 1 ounce but we (me and my midwife) did notice that i had alot more waters then normal when she broke then when i was induced. So i wouldnt be worried you'll probably just end up having one big beautiful health baby boy. Oh actually i do have a friend who had a baby before me in christchurch who was huge like me and she was 30 at the time with her first.I hope this helps.

Good luck!
Hi Lois,

I have my 12 week scan on the 22nd!! smile
Good luck and let me know how you go.


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