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Flying while pregnant Lock Rss


Does anyone know if it is safe to fly during pregnancy? I am looking to fly to London (from Brisbane) in my 27th week of pregnancy and I'd like to know of any dangers that I might subject either myself or my baby to.




I am 31 weeks and will be flying next monday so will be nearly 32 weeks. My flight isnt as long as yours, only bout 5 hours or so.

You are best off speaking with your midwife/carer as it differs for every pregnancy. Also you should check with the airline and they all have differenct policies and some will not allow you to fly after however many weeks.

If you have a normal pregnancy and are having no problems with either you or bubs, then you will prob just have to get a letter from your doctor stating that you are 27 weeks preg and fit and healthy to fly to show the airline as this is what i had to do.

Hope this helps.

Good luck
Hi Amanda,

I look forward too, to anyone else to give advice on flying whilst pregnant.
I am flying to the UK in June from Melbourne for my brothers wedding [and will be 23 weeks pregnant]. I know it is safe to fly, but am worried about DVT's and any other dangers to our bubs. It is a nightmare journey as I do it every year [but never pregnant before] 23 hours of flying ...yuck.
Thanks too to Leah for advice, and will get a letter from my ob, and will let airline know.
lol Soph

Sophie, Melbourne, VIC, Lillee Cate born 12th Sept

A concern for pregnant women when flying is that we are at a higher risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Speak to your doctor and he/she will recommend how many times you will need to get up and move around the cabin in order to prevent this. Good luck!

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