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Driving at the end of your pregnancy Lock Rss

Hey ladies

Just wanted to know when/if you stopped driving while preggers?

I can't remember when I stopped last time - I think it would have been about the 36-38 week mark.

With your first child, it's easier, but with the 2nd, she still has to get to Day care and DH to work, so I think I'll have to keep driving until I can't fit or don't feel safe anymore.

What did you all do?

I would like to know also, I plan on Driving as long as possible as DP doesnt have a licence so what other choice will I have?

Alexis Jayne 19.08.09

Never stopped driving at all just made sure seat belt was positioned comfortably seat height a little lower than steering wheel to fit in the bump and i never drove for long periods but the day to day errands still have to be done so i just did it.
There is no rule regarding this and as long as you are well enough to drive then its safe to continue i guess the only time i wouldnt is if i was sick with m/s or had blood pressure issues or was suffering from somthing that made driving difficult.
i drove to the very end with both pregnancies. never thought of not driving to tell you the truth. but then my babies came at 38wks and 37wks so who knows what would of happened if i went to 40wks.

i''''m baking a baby

I'll be driving up until 37wks for sure, not certain on what will happen after then.

If you are comfortable, can sit in a comfy position, while reaching the steering wheel, gears/auto, and pedals, go for it

With my 4th I picked the kids up from school, and she arrived 10 hours later... I was able to drive the entire length of the pregnancy.
i drove up until the day before i had my ds, and he was born at 42 weeks, then i was driving again 3 days later, but htis time round i am 33 weeks and i am finding it harder this time round to spin around and do head shecks and so forth... but as prev poster mentioned have to take ds to childcare and am still working aswell so dont really have a choice
Just do what you are comfortable with - I drove the whole way with both my 2 and will prob go the whole way with this one too.
I just had to adjust my seat back a tiny bit (I noramlly sit real close to the wheel) to fit my belly in but apart from that..
Yeah, I still have plenty of room, and I have to get DD to childcare too, so will keep going as long as I can.

i stopped driving when i was about 38 weeks, just because i was scared of going into labour or my water breaking while driving... but now am 1 day over my due date and i felt like i haven't driven for ages..

I was driving whilst in labour with DS. I had no choice, my waters broke a couple of weeks early and I had to go pick up the capsule!! I wasn't contracting until I was just around the corner from home. My parents live about an hour away and I stopped driving over to see them about 37 weeks as my concentration long distance was impaired.

Eta: DP doesn't drive and I had no idea how long labour was going to be wink
[Edited on 28/05/2009]

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

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