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My Princess sent me ....... Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Well it seems the our little princess angel has sent us the precious gift of another bubba girl smile

We are very happy and excited. She seems to be 100% healthy, and alrady has some of Lilli's checky quailty traits, lol. We got a great "potty shot" of down there, and its def all girl.

Anyway, i thought i would just share my news. Now we have the task of name picking.

OMG Rach, that is amazing news.

I am so happy for you and your family - it must be such exciting news!! How far along are you now?

Take care, keep us posted!
That's wonderful, congratulations!!


Oh Rachel, thats the best news I have heard all week, wishing you a safe and happy pregnancy!!!

Congraulations you deserve it!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Rach. That is such great news. You sound sooo excited. And so you should be.

I think you should call her Angel. Such a gorgeous name fit for a bubby girl sent from above.

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

How far are you?

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Hugest Congratulations to you and your family!

I havn't spoken to you before but have seen a few of your posts and you absoloutely deserve every happiness!!


Congratulations on your little princess Rach, What a beautiful little miracle your precious angel has sent you!
Congratulations rach that is great news, see she's been there from the start from TTC to now and what a lovely gift sh'es given you

Alyce xo

Thanks girls, im shy a couple of days of 20wks. And yes i am very excited, this pregnancy seems to b problem free to this time, which is a relief in itself.

Alyce - You are so right, Lilli's ashes were in our room the night our miracle bubba was concieved.

Nw comes time for names, though i think ive already chose it, ive been dreaming it, so thin its a sign.

Congrats on your wonderful news. Its truly a healing experience to be sent another lil bby. I too lost our son last year at 22wks pregnant. Now Im pregnant again and loving it!!! ALthough it comes withs its worries i have found my journey so far to be a huge help in the healing process. Although nohing can replace our angels, our arms can be filled with our precious lil ones on the way. Im now 28wks and cant wait to meet our lil one. All the best for your journey smile
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Sorry it seems i cant edit my post?! Just noticed the picks of ur lil girl, she is very sweet.

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