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5 weeks pregnant and lots of cramps! Lock Rss

Hi All,

I am just over 5 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing cramps a lot like period pain.
But then this morning I had quite severe cramps almost like stabbing pains in my lower abdomen, it went away after 10 mins and I haven't had any bleeding or anything.
Is this normal? Has anyone else had this?

Its fairly normal to cramp a bit in early pregnancy. Its the uterus stretching and the surrounding muscles etc movign to make room. I freak out when I feel them as well.

Best of luck

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

I agree with missfit, it can happen for no other reason then everything moving/stretching.
Although if it is concerning you maybe it would be worth a trip to the docs. Just to be on the safe side and it may put your mind at ease.

I am pregnant for the first time and i had the same thing after i found out i was pregnant the first couple of weeks i had cramps and i freaked out a little. Didnt have anyone to ask coz my husband and i hadnt told any friends or family. I ended up going to the doctors and they told me it is normal unless there is bleeding as well. If you are really worried go to the doctors just to ease your mind but some cramping is normal as the others have said due to stretching muscles.
hope this helped smile
hi im just gone 7wks and i had sharp stabbing pains down one side of my pelvis at arnd 5-6wks so bad i jumped out of bed scary but no prob since i do get sudden cramps if i jump up from sitting to quickly too does anyone else get that?
Hi Girls, thanks for your responses, you have put my mind at ease smile
So far the cramps are the only pregnancy symptom I have had besides some mild nausea every now and then.

hi i had it really bad at the start of my pregnancy i was in tears from the pain i went to the doctors and from an ultrasound they discovered fluid in my cervical canal.. they never told me what that meant but they just told me to take pain relief if need be and my body would fix itself.. the pain wore off by 9 weeks and everything is fine now.. obviously if they pain continues do seek advice from your doctor. best of luck xo

I had cramps early prgnancy too, i didnt know i was pregnant as i thought i was getting my period. Also I found i would get sharp cramping if i had gas and needed to go to the toilet lol

Alexis Jayne 19.08.09

I had cramping the week i found out i was pregnant.. felt like my periods were coming..
im glad i just found this as im 5 weeks today and woke up at 1.30am with cramps and ended up stripping off all my clothes while sitting on the loo as i got all hot and felt like i was going to vomit. felt constipated for a bit then ended up with a bit of diarrhea then finally it all went away after about 15 mins?
and now 12hours later this afternoon its happened again-lucky i got home from work early.

first time pregnant so obviously a little freaked blood or anything tho.

Any tips for this-does it go away or continue? pain relief?
I got a lot of cramps and odd 'pulling' sensations with my first pregnancy. I think my body must have remembered from the from the first pregnancy because I didn't experience it second time around.

I would wonder if you might have a bit of a tummy virus or you ate something that disagreed with you if you have fever symptoms as well. Not every symptom you have is pregnancy related, your body is still functioning. But having said that, I was awfully constipated all the way through my pregnancies as well as the constant nausea. Thank god I'm not pregnant anymore!

If you are in doubt you should definately have a chat to your GP, although there isn't much that can do (probably) when you aren't very far along. If you are OK with taking medication while pregnant than plain paracetemol is fine in pregnancy.

Thanks! Im waiting to meet with midwife this week sometime for first appt but will call dr if it continues and worries me. I'm totally fine now-its weird.
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