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Baby's movements ??? Lock Rss

Hi Mummies to be, something has been troubling me the last few days, just wanted to see if I was "normal"

I am 25 weeks, and my baby is usually a strong kicker, she tends to like kicking my bladder, to the point where I think I'm going to pee myself, other days she concentrates on my bowel, which makes me feel like I've really got something brewing in there LOL. Anyways somedays I only feel her a few times a day, and I begin to worry that there is something wrong, but then the next day it can feel like there is a cyclone in my belly.

So my question is, does anyone else have 'quiet' days??? I keep reading that I should be noticing a pattern, but from what I can tell, her movements are all over the place!

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

Hi Amy

My little one has quiet days too. Some days she wriggles around non stop, then others she seems to rest and just has short bursts of activity. Normally after 1 or 2 really active days she'll have a quieter one.

This is very normal. I'm lucky enough to work with a couple of midwives and they say it's fine. One of them said her daughter would kick like mad for a day or two, then have a few quiet days - when she was born she did exactly the same thing! As long as you are getting your 10 movements per day then it's nothing to worry about. Your little one is probably just wearing themself out then having a sleepy day to conserve energy smile

Good luck with the bubs!

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

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