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Thanks everyone, I was due yesterday and I was feeling pretty crap, until I read this it's nice to know we all go through this together, My baby has been engaged since 31 weeks, so I also had all those complaints like leg aches, back aches, swollen hands and feet and all I wanted to do was sit in bed and do nothing, some days it feels like the baby is going to fall out my cervix it so low, my daughter is 5 and I'm not much fun to be around. I have also had 2 head colds in the past 4 weeks, which gives me body aches and headaches all day long. I have been getting braxton hix since 33weeks, I'm with eilishsmummy, no joys in my pregnancy, oh please let today be the day...............


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Hey ausmum
I had alot of trouble sleeping too.. its hardly fair considering your not going to get much sleep at all when bubs is born but hey thats life!
I had braxton hicks only once (woo hoo) and they were really bad i could barely walk back to my car (as i had just finished work)
2 weeks before (shanayah) was born she turned sideways as i am quite tall so that was a bit of a scare because the umbilical cord was the first thing that would of come out if i had of gone into labour causing the oxygen supply to be cut off and well and sure everyone can figure out what would have happened then!
luckily i stayed overnight in hospital and they turned her back (hurt quite a bit) and she decided to stay there thankfully!
Anyways just remember your almost there and at the end of it you'll no its all definetly worth it!!
Hi ausmum,
Im currently 22 weeks and im suffering bad legs cramps aswell and have done so for the last month........i find if ive been on my feet allday, which admitidly im not always ( i have a very laid back job luckly) by the time i get to bed i cant get comfortable on any side and my left leg cant move whatsoever without intense pain df has to pull me up to get me up to the toilet or push me over if i want to rollover as i no longer can do these simple tasks myself. apart from beign in pain its more fustrating than ever not being able to do things myself. I have tired rubbing my legs beofre i go to bed but nothign helps. With still 18 or so weeks to go im not looking forward to the next run. i fully feel for you. Im even looking at leaving work in the next month as this is becoming too much for me. Simple tasks like standing doing dishes or cooking at the stove stuffs me up for the night.

The things we do for babies hehe as someone mentioned earlier at least its all worth it feeling baby kick.

Good luck stacy

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