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breech bub Lock Rss

Hi Im 33 weeks preg now and bub is still breech..normally sits sideways but if he/she dousnt turn my doc says I will have to have c-section..which I dont look forward too. I have been lucky to have 2 healthy girls 9 years ago..I really do hope this one turns..anyone got any tales on how to get bubs to turn?
thanks in advance
Jacqui xox

Hi Jacqui
I know how you are feeling. My bub was in breech till 35 weeks which made me very nervous. I don't know what eventually caused her to turn, but i tried to kepp active and walked heaps. Whether or not that was actually what did it I couldn't tell you. Maybe surf the net, I am sure there would be sites with suggestions of what you could do.

Good Luck
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