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Ugly Maternity Clothes Lock Rss

Is it just me, or is it hard to find trendy maternity clothes? I am 27 years old and like to look nice - who doesn't? I am sick of looking for clothes and only finding big smock like t-shirts and ugly pants! Anyone in Melbourne know a good place to get nice clothes?

Mamabear to Ella Rose born 28/9/06

pumpkin patch hav nice maternity clothes. is ther one of them in melborne??
Hi Claire,

I've had the same problem, luckily I was given alot of maternity clothes, so haven't had to buy many.
I've noticed you can but alot over the internet though!!

Sorry if I haven't been any help

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

I am 27 and having the same problem! I think my husband is sick of hearing me say "nothing fits me" & then i say "maternity clothes are yuk!" I went to a shop called Kluckee, it's on Burke Rd, Kew. (same side as Baby Bunting - few doors up) The clothes are bit expensive, but I was able to get a skirt and top that I am comfortable wearing. I have spent a bit of time on eBay and I have been lucky with some bargains!
If you find a funky shop for this great time in our lives, i would love to hear of them!
You can e-mail me if you [email protected]

Good luck in your search!

Vanessa, VIC, 6.5yo boy/girl twins, 1 due 17 Sept!

I agree with you too! With Lachie's pregnancy I liked pumpin patch but this time - yuck. I do not like the peasant, crinkled look at all. I go to a shop in Gen Waverley called Maternity Matters (on High Street Road, before The Glen Shopping Centre, near Wesley College.) They stock brands like Ripe. However it is hard to get clothes that don't aged you. I never wear bold large floral prints normally so why would I do that when I am pregnant? Also, I can't stand to have anything around my belly so I am forced to wear nighties at night. This means, in order to get something comfy, I end up buying nanna nighties. I sent an email to Peter Alexander (whose nightwear I normally wear) asking for him to do a meternity range for women who still want to be young and not grandmas when pregnant. I was told he would consider it if he got more requests from pregnant women.

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