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Thrush that wont go away Lock Rss

Hi all

Ive pretty much had thrush since I fell preggers and it just wont go away. I had 2 lots of treatment(canensten stuff-just cream and pressary) as told by my Obs. Its seems to go away but then it cames back. Sometimes its bad but other times it ok and bearable.
I just dont know what else to do. I se my ob again next week.

Just a thought- can eating yeast products eg bread,promite etc etc cause it???? and I have been eating it lots latley--im just craving it at the moment.

Hi bobbielee

Ok dont laugh but try yoghurt ? it needs to be natural unsweetened, it has a ph level of 7 and cant remember what else is in it that helps but rub it no the area needed (not needed right in if you know what i mean) My mum is a nurse and this is a natural way to help. Also you may find you may have to change what you eat a little gasp( so if you can try and eat yoghurt also as it help prevent also gasp)

The bread you are eating shouldnt be coursing your thrush, thrush is to do with imbalance in hormones in that area, happens a lot when people take 2 types of meds or are pregnant, or past it from one partner to another, (so if you have it chances are your partner does too so needs to be treated so not giving it back to you).

Another thing that can help is a salt bath, this is to treat UIT's but can help thrush also, they say a good swim in the sea is very good for womens bits and bobs, but its a bit cold for that LOL and dont wash yourself with soap of any kind down there, over washing can course thrush, just use water your body will do the rest as its designed to clean its self and soap only adds to the imbalance.

Best of luck hun, i hate thrush when i get it, it isnt nice

Also, try a bit of 'commando' time?? Letting air do what it does best also helps. I had one bout of it earlier in my pregnancy so I just had early showers after I got home from work and waltzed around in my boxers/pj bottoms with nothing underneath - it was gone within a few days!!
Ask the chemist if you can take it whilst pregnant, but maybe try that Inner Health Plus?
Also like PP said, eat more yoghurt - it has the good bacteria in it that helps balance the bacteria in your gut, which may help relieve the thrush.

The natural (non-flavoured of course!) yoghurt applied like the thrush cream is a good idea too..
Use a pad tho! LOL
it really doesnt matter what you eat to be honest because your digestive system is not linked to your reproductive system.
so eating yoghurt yes will help balance the flora in your gut, but doesnt re-establish the flora in your vagina because they are two different things

i reccomend what one of the other posters said - put some yoghurt on your bits - ive done it before and it did wonders!
yes and dont use soap - alot of women do that and it just makes it worse, and get your partner to take treatment. The main reason you are probably getting it all the time is because he keeps giving it back to you

hope it goes away soon

YES, Absolutely what you eat will make a difference. I have suffered from thrush on and off all my life and i found that when i followed a low yeast diet (advised by both my doctor and naturopath) it almost went away completely. Take inner health also - this is allowed while you are pregnant.
Bread is really bad, try a yeast free bread. Apparently it has to do with the build up yeast in our body and yeast and sugars mixed together are like a hothouse for thrush.
I know that it can drive you mad. I always use a proper feminine hygeine wash for down there as well because soap only makes it worse due to the ph levels.
Good Luck and i hope that it eases for you soon smile

Thanks all
I have started to eat more yogurt and I will try the yogurt down there too.

Thanks again
There are many "generic" things you can do like using those stupid canesten creams in a syringe up your vagina which will usually help but I've seen and experienced many times of it always coming back. I personally hated that idea of having to use the applicator stick, I physically felt ill from it all.

Here is the reason why pregnant women are more susceptible to thrush and other things that can cause it....
bacteria and the side with the most ‘soldiers’ wins.

During pregnancy, the vagina becomes rich in a form of glucose named ‘glycogen’, which feeds the growth of Candida albicans. It’s believed the higher levels of glycogen occurs due to increased oestrogen levels and reduced acidity in the vagina. This is why a pregnant woman is ten times more likely to get thrush than normal – instead of being a nice cosy home for thrush, the vagina is now a five star hotel!

[b]Other things which can kill good pro-biotic bacteria include:[/b]

[item] Anti-biotics
[/item][item] Birth Control Pills
[/item][item] Steroidal/hormonal drugs
[/item][item] Fluoride
[/item][item] Chlorine
[/item][item] Coffee/Tea/Carbonated Drinks
[/item][item] Synthetic vitamins
[/item][item] Radiation
[/item][item] Stress
[/item][item] Additives
[/item][item] Pesticides
[/item][item] Fertilisers

[/item][b]Here are some suggestions below for treatments if you cannot or do not want to take any medication:[/b]

[list][item] Get onto [/item][url= about... as soon as you can – this will help the actual problem of a bacterial inbalance and will get to work right away. The good bacteria will begin to grow and out-number the bad bacteria.

[item] Natural live yogurt contains a pro-biotic called acidophilus. However, the level of pro-biotics in yoghurt is quite low, so it can take a little more time to help, which can be frustrating especially if itching is a problem. You can eat the yoghurt as much as you like, some women swear by inserting some plain natural yoghurt into their vagina. You can soak a tampon in natural yoghurt, (differentiate just unsweetened from true natural yoghurt) and insert into the vagina for 2 hours, then change for new one.

[/item][item] Avoid underwear that is tight or contains materials like lycra and other fabric which reduces air circulation – cotton is best. Avoid underwear wherever possible – not a good idea though if you are going to work and wearking a skirt! Around the home and overnight is a good start.

[/item][item] Avoid tight jeans or trousers where possible – opt for skirts if you can.

[/item][item] Candida albicans thrive in moist, warm environments so try to avoid long, hot baths.

[/item][item] Good old Gentian Violet in an aqua or water Base is still extremely effective for vag thrush (just messy & ‘out there’ being bright purple) especially good for nipples & babies mouths as it is very liquid and soaks into all the crevices in the tissues which a gel like Daktarin cannot.

[/item][item] Douching isn’t recommended in pregnancy even though it’s effective whilst non-pregnant

[/item][item] Try avoiding yeast – lot of women swear that yeast in their diet increases the growth of candida. It’s often present in iron tonic supplements so check list of ingredients when taking these.

[/item][item] High levels of sugar in diets seems to be a very common culprit, look to amending the diet primarily.[/item][/list]

Hope that helps =)

[Edited on 23/06/2009]


If you had of been on here about 7 months ago you would of seen that I posted nearly the exact same thing!!!!!! lol. I literally had thrush the entire 9 months, the only thing that changed was the severity.
My ob got me to try everything. I used the cream as prescribed by her several times, tablets several times.Sever swabs were taken but it all came back as just common thrush which should of been easily treated. My OB said it was simply to do with the hormones and after trying ABSOLUTELY everything including all the natural methods that the previous posters have put on here, she said that I'd just have to ride it out unfortunately.
She said that I may find some relief if I stay away from sweet things. So I pretty much cut out all sugar and it did ease it alot (but it never completely went away). And she said things containing yeast won't help the matter either (bread etc)
BUT, it literally went away a few days before bub was born and my OB said it's because my hormones changed in preperation for birth. And I haven't had it since!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck! I know exactly how you feel and I hope you get better soon!!!!!

I had thrush my entire pregnancy with Charlie right up until 2 weeks before his due date when i finally went to an emergency doctor as the pain was so bad and the discharge was almost gushing out and she said it was severe thrush and prescribed me micreme so ask you doctor to try you on that if you havent already tried it. I worked wonders for me! I had done about 5 courses of thrush treatments during my pregnancy and none had worked until i tried micreme. Also just want to add none of the 'natural' treatments worked for me either.

Thanks for all your replies.
Just one more question. It wont hurt the baby in any way will it.
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