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yay!! Lock Rss

hi girls, just found out i am expecting number 2. so excited but nervous at the same time lol!!!

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

hi I'm expecting number two as well, i'm due in feb and DS turns two in a week.
Hey Congrats to the both of you!!!!!
I just found out also I'm expecting number two!

Totally agree with the nerves and excitement!

All the best for you both and your growing family! =)
wow me 4.. except the just found out part lol...
i am due around the 28th of jan to the 1st of feb... my daughter turns 1 on the 22nd of jan next yr so i hope bubs dont dome on that date... it was a shock coz my bad bad labour still goes through me head lol...
i guess we will see what happens lol....
good luck girls xx

well congrates to you all, im due on the 14th feb my daughter will have just turned four!! i am so nervous it was much easier the first time as i was new to it, just dreading the labour bit i guess lol
well good luck xox
keep me up dated lol

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Congratulations on your pregnancy smile When are u due?
Can I join in too? I just got my BFP yday for our 1st bubba - EDD 7th March, haven't been to the doc yet, hope to go tomorrow for confirmation.

Congrats on all the lovely news



My Names Tiff from Chch.

We are due for our 2nd on the 16th of Feb after a miscarriage in Oct 08.

Cant wait for our 12 week scan

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