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Who had bad experience during blood test? I had the WORSE today Lock Rss

Im one of those who are really scared of needles and if it wasnt for my baby i would not have a blood even if someone pay me to.

Today i was at the pathology and it wasnt busy i was the only one there waiting so maybe thats why they decide to use me as a guinea pig and got a trainee to take my blood this is got to be my WORSE experience EVER.

I suspected it straight away she was so slow and didnt look like she knew what she was doing and an old nurse keeps poking her head in to see what she was doing.
and then the old nurse came in and watch her check for veins and I have never done this before but i pulled my arm back as she was coming at me with the needle i swear i wanted to bolt for it.

And then when she got the needle in SHE WENT TOO DEEP AND PIERCED IN AND THROUGH MY VEIN SO NO BLOOD WAS coming out and then the old nurse was like telling her to pull it out slowly till she get the vein. and she still couldnt get it and they old nurse took over i was a bit relieve then but the old nurse was FULL WIGGLING THE NEEDLE AND BOY DID IT HURT I WAS LIKE telling her its hurting me and man she was still doing like 360s with needle and totally BRUISED my vein (think she didnt want to look bad in front of the trainee) and she told the trainee that the blood is not coming out cos i was too nervous after how many attempt she finally give up and pull the needle out to try another vein.

And to my disbelieve she got a new needle and gave it to the trainee away but i told the old nurse to do it.

Like boy i had time where they can get the blood and wigglied it a bit and took it out to try again but NOTHING LIKE THIS I HAVE A MASSIVE BRUISE WHERE SHE was doing 360s with the needle and i was telling her its hurting me. But she did apologies and i know to walk the other way if i see them again LOL

im so haunted by this i hope i dont have to do any more blood test but im disgnose with gestational diabetes so not looking too hopeful. Next time i have a baby im saving up to go to a private hosp where they dont use humans as guniea pigs.

Does anyone had bad blood test experiences?

OMG - how horrible!!! I am in the same boat as you, in that if I wasn't pregnant, you wouldn't get me near a pathology lab! I am unfortunately Rh- so have had to have extra blood tests done, yuck!!!

I think that my worst blood test was done during a d&c that I had last year - I flat out refused to have the test done until I was under the anaesthetic!!! So, although I don't know what happened with it, when I woke up, I couldn't move my arm for a week - you could see where the needle had poked out the other side of the vein and through my skin!!! This happened about 18 months ago, and I still have a bruise mark on that part of my arm (the bruise at the time was about 3-4 inches long).

Whenever I go for blood tests now, I request that they put the "AnGel" cream on - yeah its supposed to be for little kids, you get a lot of odd looks and you have to wait around for an extra hour - but it is so worth it!!!!

I do also go to the private hospital to get my bloods done - haven't tried the local public pathology, so couldn't say if it is any better.

All the best, and I hope that you don't have to go through anything like that again smile

far out that sounds so painful!! even though you told her it was hurting you she kept doing it. *shudder* in my files at my drs and the hospital i have 'difficult to canulise'. the first bloods i had this pregnancy i was about 6 weeks along and they had to get blood out between my fingers (my wedding ring and middle fingers) through that soft webby part. ouch! and then recently i was taken to hospital by ambulance and it took an hour for them to get a canula in, eventually they got one in my right hand through my thumb to my wrist (and there it stayed for a couple of days). the more dehydrated i am the harder it is to find a vein as they collapse apparently.

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

I hate needles too! But have a canula story form last pregnancy.

Had to have antibotics as my water had broke and I have a heart murmur, anyhow........ the nurse put the needle in (which hurt) then started the drip. Everytime they put the drugs in (ever 3 hours I think) it would sting and really hurt. After I complained for the 100th time they had a look and decided that the canula was pumping the drugs and fliuds into my tissue, not the vein!

So they swapped it over to the other wrist. I still have a lump on my left wrist from it!! Not impressed and it was in a private hospital!

Your story is horrible, next time (sorry to tell you that there will proberly be a next time), make sure you tell them you are really really scared and that you have had a bad experience before.

Good Luck!

awww you poor things!

I havent had any bad blood stories, my mum is a nurse so she takes my blood and she uses the smallest butterfly catheter there is hehehe. But i did go for my first trimester blood screen at the local pathologist and the lady bruised me - first bruise i have ever received from a blood test, my mum is very gentle!

i have high iron so i have to have my bloods taken every six months and if they get to high i have to get 500mls of blood taken out....not nice. i have the cream that numbs the area though hehehe

But you will find people have problems no matter where you go, private or public. Because what hospital you are in doesnt change how your veins are. Im a vet nurse and i put drips in dogs and take bloods off dogs and i pride myself on my ability to do it but sometimes you come across the occasional vein thats a bit tricky...not the nurses fault it just happens.

They arent there to hurt you and when you dont get a vein you get a bit frustrated which makes it harder but i know its still not nice to be poked and prodded hehe.

hope all your arms are better.

oh and to mareetina thats so weird about it going under your skin because usually when a drip is not in a vein, it wont run, it just stops. maybe it was half in half out, but thats not nice at all.

about the tissue i remember the same thing happened to me the nurses couldnt get a canula in so the ob/gyn had to do it (they called him out of surgery for it) and it took him an hour and the nurses kept saying 'mohammad its in, its tissue' im sure he was very impressed LOL.

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

Gosh man your experiences are worse then mine but after a week i still have he bruise and in labour i had the drip and had to get the antibotics but luckily a doctor put the needle in but it went in through my wrist and was there for 3 days which hurt when i carry bub and shower and etc. They wouldnt take it out cos the nurse told me only doctor is allow to put it in and they were scared to take it out and there wouldnt be a doctor around in case i need like a blood transfusion or something.

But i swear at time it still Hurts there i mean how long was the needle if i was to bent my wrist all the way i think the other see would pierce outta my skin the other end. Im so dreading labour...

I hate blood tests too, but haven't had any horrible experiences myself tho.

My poor DD had a horrible experience tho.
They couldn't find her veins and they couldn't get any blood out, and they were wriggling the needle in there, pulling it out then putting it back in over and over!
I was almost in tears over it! It was horrible to have to hold her arms still so they could dig about in there.
They finally decided to cut the tip of her finger and squeeze the blood out of there!

It was so horrible!

Definitely let the people know that you're scared and have had a bad experience. If you think that the person going to do it is inexperienced, you can ask for someone else!
ouch I feel your pain!
Lucky for me i'm not afraid of needles because like one of the other ladies posted I too am hard to canulate however its not written on my file and I'm often not belived when I warn drs and nurses that is until they cant get a vein!
every time I go to path (which has been heaps this pregn it takes at least three different needle pokes and prodes to find one. I dreaded my GTT test as it ment 3 seperate blood tests which would be 9 holes! I was lucky and came out with only 6.
I've also had canulars in tissue and ended up with badly swallown arm after jacks birth the midwife said they like to leave them in incase its needed but took mine out straight away after seeing my arm!
the last one i had to have was when i got my wisdom teeth in and they were having so much trouble they ended up giving me a local anisetic and putting it in a pianfull spot!.

i hace had a million i used to have a horrible needle phobia i didnt even have any blood tests for my 1st pregnancy i was so scared of them just thinking about needles used to make my hands sweat even if i wasnt going to have any then when i was as soon as i got in the dr room i would freak out i would cry scream i went nuts, and wouldnt let the dr walk behind me even to get something, but then my 2nd pregnancy i had needles everyday cos i had low lying placenta and always needed drips and blood tests cos i was loosing to much blood, but i still dont like imunisations wont catch me havin any of them ewwww;
when i was about 30 weeks with my son i had to have steriods (omg it hurts) and the dr stuck the needle in my leg so hard to popped back out which stuff everything up cos they didnt know how much i got in me useless lol

excuse my wording but i ended up looking like a druggy with all the marks and bruises it was horrible

Just in response to this message from lex88. I am a nurse and it's not true that if a drip isn't in a vein it will stop. I don't know about vet nursing but in people nursing drips will continue to deliver fluid as long as they are set On unless there is an obstruction.
Fluid being delivered to tissue outside of the vein is called "Tissuing".
It is very painful and will only stop once the drip is stopped or canula removed or the fluid runs out. And the tissue will become swollen with fluid.
Also if a patient is dehydrated, elderly, has a lot of fatty tissue or sometimes small veins it can be difficult to finds a vein. But digging around in someones tissue, doing 360's etc is not on.
It can be difficult sometimes but it ain't rocket science! If you can't access that vein...Try another one, use a heat pack, If possible advise your patient to hydrate before getting their bloods done.... but don't dig around and cause your patient undue pain and stress because of your own lack of skill or ego!
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