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NZ antenatal classes Lock Rss

hey everyone, im 35weeks preg with my first and i still havnt started antenatal classes, i was ment to start last week but the lady thats taking them isnt even in th country, does anyone know of any good places that have them in auckland??? im thinking of just not doing them now. but at th same time i think i should.

I live in Palmerston North and went to classes through parents centre, which is a national organisation. They have a website Otherwise they are often run free of charge through the hospital. However they usually run for about 8 weeks, but even if you only catch the last few weeks they provide great information and support. The great thing is you meet other mums at about the same stage in pregnancy as yours and you keep in touch after the babies are born which can be a lifesaver. So it is worth checking to see if you can slot in somewhere.

Hope that helps

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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