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period-type pain / 39 weeks Lock Rss

Im currently 39 weeks pregnant, these last few days i have been getting period like pain. Its on and off, but happens a few times a day, it seems to be coming more often though and lasting longer.

Would this be an indication on how long i have to go? im driving myself crazy, i want this baby out!

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Hi there equinny,
If it is like pending period pain, I think you will have this baby soon. I hope your bags are packed.
I had this sort of pain ( I was induced with gel) and they asked if I felt it. They seemed satisfied that I did.
Good luck and I hope you have a beautiful easter baby.

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Hi equinny

How exciting your baby is nearly here!

I am not sure if I am right but when I was pregnant the braxton hicks contractions I had were accompanied by period pain. So perhaps this is what it is. However in saying that the latent phase of labour can last for days and feel like period pain that gradually increases in intensity and length until established labour sets in.

I experienced the period pain for about a week or two before my babies were born. Perhaps the birth is not far off for you. I hope that is what it means!

Good Luck for the birth


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Well I think we should be saying welcome to the very early stages of labour. Don't get to excited as it could take a few days to actually kick in properly but i think it is a very good indication that very soon you will have that beautiful baby in your arms. How exciting for you. You might be very anxious at the moment but look at the bright side at least i think you won't be going 2 weeks over your due date.

I am very excited for you. A friend of mine in the last two weeks has had the same thing happen. You don't quite know if its labour or not and you don't know what to do, she kept being sent home from the hospital but 2 days later she was in the hospital for good having that baby so my fingers are crossed for you. Also i would just like to say keep monitoring how frequent they are and how long they last and be prepared. On occasions I have know period pain is the most some people get before they deliver. I unfortunately have never been that lucky LOL. So just keep an eye on everything and the best of luck to you.

Hi Equinny

I had period like pain (at 37 wks) with my first baby. I asked my mother in law (a former midwife) about it and she said it was the baby bearing down.

Three days later I had a beautiful baby boy.

Good luck, doesn't sound like you'll be waiting much longer

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