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crampy period type feeling pain Lock Rss

hey ladies,

man i really should know how to feel when pregnant now, but pfft, lol.

Anyway the last 48hrs ive been feeling well heavy down there, and just crampy like my periods. Ive had plenty of BH, and in no way do they feel like contractions. Its just im heavy and periody, iykwim. Anyne else get this?? I do remember getting this with Lilli, but it was the last few wks of the pregnancy, and she was enaged and ready to come.

im probley just being a big sooky lala.

how far along are you?

I'm 40+3wks pregnant and have been feeling exactly the same as you! keep hoping it means something is gonna happen soooooooon, before i have to be induced!

this is my first tho, so i really can't say whether it means much or not, lol ;p
opps, forgot to put that. Im only 27wks tomorrow. Im gonna send you all my labour vibes hun, ive never got full term before, but can only imagine how ur feeling!!!

I have 19 days to go. I had these same pains and they started at 28 weeks. I was put on medication to stop me going into labour for a couple of weeks as they suspected the pains were a symptom of early labour. I suggest you get checked out at the hospital as soona s you can by a midwife as you really want baby to stay in there as long as he/she can. I had my second baby at 27weeks and is quite hard to go through. Hope this helps.

Hi rach
i would take a trip to the obstetrician. You have to be sure every thing is OK.

If you are going ino some sort of early labour ( oh hell i hope not!!) but I think the earlier you get to the docs the better your chances are of stopping it.

It may be some type of infection.

Wow, how negetive am I today!!
It is probably nothing at all but i would get myself checked out.

Signed, veteran of bad luck!!

hi rach

im 25 weeks and on sat night i actually had the samething but with a few contractions, as it turns out the midwife who i finally rang this morning said i was in preterm labour but my body stopped it

now in the last hour the pain is starting to become constant again so i think iam going to get checked out at hosp.

so basicly wat im saying is go get it checked out
so if it is preterm labour they can stop it


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