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Advice about inducing overdue bubs!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to ask anyone who has had to be induced, what their experience was like, my dr's are giving me the option next week, but I'm a little worried because I have heard a lot of horror stories of labour going for days and being very very painful. If you were induced I would love to hear your stories. Thanks.

(Fingers crossed bubs comes out on it's own between now and then)

2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

With my first baby, my waters broke at 2am the day before my due date. By late that afternoon my contractions hadn't started so the hospital advised me to come in. The doctor decided to induce me and put in the drip at 7pm. My labour progressed fairly quickly and I had regular and steady contractions. By about 1am I was 5cm dilated and contracting very regularly. The midwife estimated about 1 hour per cm dilation - so estimated 5 hours to go. But I was very soon in transition and told my husband to go and have a sleep on the armchair while I went home and came back for him tomorrow!!! Definately transition! From then on I quickly progressed to 10cm, fully dilated and was ready to push. I had a little gas to concentrate on as I pushed my little boy out in only a few pushes. I had a very small tear and a few stitches. He weighed 8lb 4oz and was perfect. this birth has actually been the best of four. It was almost textbook in length and progress - just kickstarted by the induction. The only negative I had ws being stuck to the drip for the entire birth. I have a heart murmer, so I also have IV antibiotics during birth, so had a drip in each arm! I still spent time in the hot shower though. Some doctors use the prostoglandin gel first to trigger contractions, but I went straight on the drip. Maybe this made a difference, but the birth was really beautiful and very manageable. The contractions did come on strong and fast, but I was able to go without drugs up until the end and used the gas. Of course this is only my story and everyone chooses their best method of getting through. Hope this might help to hear one of the good stories. All the very best, my prayers are with you for a positive, enjoyable birth, whatever method you use!!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

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