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Pregnant whilst on Maternity Leave Rss

Hi there,

Am trying to work out which area I should post this in so have tried a few...

Has anyone been on maternity leave and fallen pregnant whilst on leave?

I'm due to go back to work in early 2010 and hubby and I are thinking of having #2. This means I'll only be back at work a few months before needing to go on maternity leave again! Am worried about how work will react to this.

Am looking for anyone's experiences on this topic. How has your employer reacted? Were they accepting? Did you find they made things difficult for you? Etc.

I know this shouldn't be the deciding factor when it comes to having kids but I feel guilty about returning to work and saying 'oh, by the way, I'm pregnant again!'.

Thanks everyone smile
Youre right! It shouldn't be a determining factor in planning your family but I do know how you feel.

After 12 months off on maternity leave, I was back at work for 3 months before I got pregnant again. When I leave to go on mat leave this time, I will have only been back at work for about 11 months. I do feel a bit guilty in some ways, but then I think mat leave is for just a short period of time. We have the rest of our lives to work smile

I have not had one negative comment made to me (to my face anyway) and I have found that most woman are very supportive of my decision.

One lady I worked with was in your position. She fell pregnant again (accidentally) whilst on mat leave. Work accommodated around her and she eventually returned to work after almost 2 years.

Just try to remember that the workforce will continue without you and while you may be stressing about it, your colleagues probably wont care (and I mean that in the nicest way)!

Best of luck with your decision.

Hi Chicky chic,

I went back to work early (after only 8months off on mat leave) with the intention of falling pregnant within a few months of me returning.
As it worked out I went back to work on the Tuesday and by dates I fell pregnant with twins on the Friday!!!

So yep I am in your situation. My work has been really good about it ( and to be honest I wouldn't really have cared what they thought as it is about my future not there's) and I go back on mat leave in a few weeks time, so i will have only been back at work for 6 or 7 months depending on when I go back on leave.

You are right work should not be the deciding factor about your family, you have to think of whats best for yourself and for your future family.


I had just gone back to work after 11 months of maternity leave to find out I was pregnant with number 2.
My boss has been really great about it. and all my work mates are happy for me again. like the pp I haven't had any bad comments or not to my face either.
I am not in that situation at the moment, but I am 4 1/2 months pregnant, and I go on paid mat leave in November. As our child took 2 1/2 years to concieve through IVF we will try again when bubs is 6 months old ( I plan on returning to work when bubs is 12 months old). If I fall pregnant whilst on Mat leave what a blessing. We have our future planned and want to have our children close together. The bonus for me though is that if I fall pregnant whilst being on Mat leave I still get another set of paid mat leave entitlements. Get yourself a job in the bank. I highly reccommend it smile

Goodluck hun

[Edited on 28/07/2009]

Funki Totz -

You are right, you should have anything to worry about my cousin fell pregnant with #2, about amonth before returning to work with #1, totally unplanned, and her work was very accomadating


I was taking 2 years off when I had my DS, and when he was 8 months I fell pregnant with our suprise 3rd bubba. I was breastfeeding - plus not suppose to be able to fall pregnant so it was a WONDERFUL suprise!

I couldn't give a toss what work thought, and I am 'due' to go back to work in December... but my 3rd little bub is due next week!

I am lucky that I am a nurse, so I have more maternity leave available which is good because I don't get the baby bonus!

I think as long as you can afford to have more time off when you have another bub close, it is YOUR decision not works!!! I have no idea how my employer reacted, and I don't particularly care! And I'm sure it was favourably!!! My family is my priority and that's all that matters smile
Thank you so much for everyone's replies.

I've posted in a few different areas and it's been great to have an insight into your thoughts and experiences. It's a relief to hear that there are others who have been and are going through the same thing.

After some consideration I am considering just speaking with my employer. I love where I work and I would rather be open and honest with them about my plans. I hope they see this in a positive light and I hope it encourages them to work with me in coming to some form of solution.

Cross fingers but thank you all again!!
Really appreciate it!!
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