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Feel so lonely! Lock Rss

I am 33 weeks pregnant and feel so alone. My partner no longer is attracted too me, I am over being fat and want my body back. My partner is so negative towards me right now, and I have no motherly instincts right now, will they kick in once the baby is born? I have honestly thought about leaving the baby with my partner and running (once he is born). I am sitting here balling my eyes out and have no idea what to do.

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Hi I'm Helen and I'm almost 29 weeks pregnant with my first bub who is due 29th of Oct. I understand how you feel and im sure lots of the other ladies on here do too. I know how you feel about your body maybe you could do something nice for yourself like get a facial etc invite a friend over and paint your nails something nice like that. As for your partner i would suggest talking to him - i have honestly learnt through this incredibly life/mood/everything changing time if i tell my partner exactly how i feel it is best admittidley being male he doesn't really know how to react sometimes like when i say i feel fat but atleast he knows.

Remember this is a big thing - take every day as it comes and look after yourself. grin I'm in the same boat as you in terms of maternal instincts, really hoping they'll kick in. grin Ive started reading books/magazines at the library and going to antenatal classes which i hope will help grin

Well look after yourself and take care of yourself and your bump

Helen grin
Hi Angel,
I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I kind of relate in that my husband doesn't want to have sex with me. But I'm interpreting this as him not wanting to hurt me or the baby. He's even moved out of the bedroom and sleeping in another bed. It's because I've started to snore really loud and get restless legs and kick him all night. I understand that, but still, it makes me feel a bit unwanted.

Men are funny things. Mine went a bit funny at the beginning, he got a lot of anxiety and eczema. He doesn't like change and this is going to be a huge change. I've tried to view things from his point of view. Men have no idea what we go through and feel a but redundant and don't know what to do.

I wrote my husband a letter telling him that although things are going to change and that he may not be #1 in my life, but he'll be my #1 man, I'll still love him and that we'll get through this together and that being a Daddy is important. After I wrote this letter he seem to relax and seems more comfortable with me being pregnant. I also bought some DVD's from Big W called 'Being Dad' to get a male perspective and hopefully they can share info on what my husband is feeling and that it is normal for him etc..

I am not sure exactly what is going on with your husband, but don't withdraw from him even though it seems like he is withdrawing from you. Good luck and I hope you get though it.

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