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Same Sex or Pigeon Pair? Lock Rss

Seeing all of the 20 week scan sex announcements has got me thinking about what the sonographer said to me at my 20 week scan with DS2.

She said if the woman/couple already has one child of one sex - let's say boy - then the chances of her having another boy is really quite common, rather than the "pigeon pair".

These days it seems all of my friends have 2 of the same sex, whereas my mum has said back in her day - everyone had one of each (well that's probably an exaggeration!)

Wat do you think? Hope this isnt confusing - just wanted to see if there was any truth to this woman's theory smile

me personally:
I have 2 boys
I come from girl, boy, girl family
My DH is one of 4 brothers
My sister has only one child - a boy also - will be interesting to see what she has next time around

[Edited on 12/08/2009]
You're right about that, having two or more of the same sex in a row seems quite common. The lady wasn't quite sure but she thinks we're having another girl making it 2 girls.
I have a girl and a boy. and apparently 80% shore im havn a girl
hhmmm interesting theory LOL

My mum had 2 girls (myself and sister), my sister has 2 boys, and I have 2 of each....2 girls with ex-hubby and 2 boys with DP.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Mine in order are girl, boy, girl. I had the pigeon pair until DD2 arrived.

I have 2 girls. My mum had 3 girls lol.

I think it is fairly common. Although my DF is from a 'pigeon pair'.

Adding my sister has a girl too! It'll be interesting to see what she has next. My other sister doesn't have any babies yet.
[Edited on 12/08/2009]

We have DS and are expecting another boy. SIL has a DD and is expecting another girl two days after our edd.

I'm one of three girls, the youngest is 21. Neither of my sisters have children at this stage.

EDIT DF is from a pidgeon pair but both him and SIL are adopted. He does have a biological half brother out there somewhere though.
[Edited on 12/08/2009]

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

I had a girl then a boy and I bet money if I have another it'll be another ratbag girl!! smile]

My mum had my brother and I, then 11 years later had my sister.
[Edited on 12/08/2009]
I had in order....


Hopefully find out what number 5 is on another 3 weeks time (I'd love a girl, so DD has someone 'girly' to play with)...
I have 2 pigeon pairs G,B,B,G

Cheers Ness

interesting topic, we were discussing this at mothers group the other week

i have 2 DDs

Hi! I have three girls, with another one on the way, which they tell me is also a girl! I find this topic interesting as my husband thinks that if we keep going, we will get a boy eventually, but I really don't think so!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

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