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to cut or not to cut? Lock Rss

i have tried several times to bring up the topic of having my son circumsised to my midwife buut she always changes the subject i know theres not many doctors who are willing to do this procedure but i will not give up i dont want to have to change midwives because shes avoiding answering a tricky topic i am determined to have this done,any ideas on how i can get her to finally sit down shut up and listen to me!!!!!

cherie,mum to Jacob born oct 2004

I think you need to get a referral from your GP to see the specialist - but, I have never had to go through with it (I do not have any boys), but when I was pregnant I asked a friend of mine (who had just got her baby boy done) as to what the procedure was and how to go about it - I spoke to the midwives as well and they also dismissed it, but, I don't think that they are not the people to talk to about organising it anyway.
P.S. I think you will find most midwives will try and discourage you from doing it, but, don't let that stop you if that is what you want to do.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Sorry to hear the midwife is not listening to you. My midwife ran off a couple of doctors names that did it in my town, she was great!

I just went to my doctor and he gave me the referral to see another doctor who did it.

Is there another midwife or doctor you can ask? Ask her again and if she changes the subject just keep asking her...maybe raising your voice a little each time...but not screaming at her of course although it sounds like you may feel like it. I think just ignore her tries to change the subject and continue ti ask her your question. Walk out if she's going to ignore you...maybe then she might listen!

Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

I agree that it is generally not in the the Midwives field to refer or consult about circumcision. I would go to my GP to get a referal that way, or directly from the OB at the birthing hospital.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!


True- it's your doctor/obstetrician you should be talking to. But if you wish to bring this up with your midwife then try saying something to the effect of: "I would like to have some information on circumcision. Do you have a problem with providing me with this information? No? It's just that everytime i broach the subject, you avoid answering me.........." that is how you could get the ball rolling anyway.

Goodluck and don't allow anybody to knock you for making this difficult decision.



I know you have probably have had it done by now. But someone else might need information. I am lucky as my OB does these himself. I was actually in the waiting room one day when a boy was taken in.
Lots of people disagree with circumcision, but good on you for admitting that you're not one of them.
Each to their own.
My nephew had to have it done when he was 10 or 11. Would have been much better for him had it been done when he was a baby.
If we have a boy, it will definately be done. (Besides, it's gotta look like Daddy's).

Wendy, mum to Keira 07/05/03 and Georgia 24/01/05

hey all
i dont believe in circumcision, if it wasn't meant to be there it wouldn't be!!! although my partner does want our child ( if boy) to be done. he was circumsized. I think if u teach your boys to clean properly i dont think it needs to be done!.
Im not saying circumcision is bad or the wrong thing to do but i just wouldn't have mine done. so i guess each to thier own
jodi!! grin
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