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Preggie belly photos Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone has some great advice on when is the best time to take preggie belly photos, at what week etc? and also know of anyone good in the Nelson area that does this, that isnt too expensive.
[Edited on 23/08/2009]

hi Barlow girl,

Not sure I can answer your questions, but I got my pregnancy pics done at about 38 weeks. I wanted to be as big as possible!

If your hubby looks okay with his shirt off, get some pics with him too. Didn't even think about it when I got mine done, but I saw some beautiful shots of a couple, a couple of weeks later.

Take a few different things to wear too.
I had some shots wearign white and some wearing black. Okay wearing is probably the wrong word. I had on pants and a robe draped over my breasts.
A nice crop top (if you can find one to fit) looks great too.

Good Luck,
They are truly beautiful memories to capture on film!


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