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How many others NOT finding out the sex? Lock Rss

DH and I didn't find out the sex of DS and don't plan on finding out the sex of this bub either, but it seems that we are the exception not the rule and all but 2 of our friends have found out the sex of their bubs.

So is anyone else out there not finding out the sex and having a wonderful suprise smile

We're not finding out.
If it were totally up to me, I would find out, but DH wants a surprise.
We found out with the others so that's why he wants a surprise this time round (we found out the other times more for convenience but this time it wouldn't matter what sex it is coz we have clothes etc for either sex...)
We didn't find out the sex with DS and we haven't found out this time either.
This is my husbands and my first child and we have also decided not to find out the sex. We think that it is nicer to keep it as a surprise for us, would make the moment more special.
everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter though. i am constantly getting asked what i am having and how silly it is for us not to find out. there only reasoning behind it is that its easier to buy clothes. well bubba is going to be dressed in neutral jumpsuits for the first few weeks anyway, so what difference does it make.
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Didn't find out with my dd and won't this time, something to look forward to after the birth, surprise wise anyway. Have to admit,have been alot more tempted to find out this time though

Our first was a suprise (boy) and this one is a suprise too! I think it gives you so much more to look forward to smile
We found out the sex for DS1 but didnt for DS2 and not going to find out this time round either, well thats the plan anyway.

This is my second pregnancy, and just like my first we are not going to find out. I have felt tempted but I know the wait is worth it, what better way to have that little reward at the end? Not many people keep it a surprise these days!

Im due in 4 weeks with bub #2 and we dont know what we are having. I wanted to know but DH didnt. With our DS again we didnt find out and having that surprise was really wonderful. I only wanted to know this time coz we moved half way thru this pregnancy so I wanted to be prepared and have the right colour on hand.

Im glad we have waited so we can just have that one more surprise at the end.

we found out with our first two, mainly because i felt i had to be extremely organised. But with this being our 3rd baby and last, we are going to have a surprise.....i spose it helps that we already have one of each so it doesnt really matter. Although there isnt a great variety of unisex clothing around though.

We aren't finding out what we are having. We didnt even discuss it really. People have asked us, and we just both automatically said no.

I think its an added suprise not to know what your having smile

Nope! We aren't finding out either. We didn't with DS and it was a great little suprise.

I must admit I was tempted this time around, and I do have moments (usually when Im shopping) that I think I would like to know, but nothing beats that suprise at the end smile

Everybody asks if we know what we're having and when we say "no its a suprise" the reaction is usually "Good, everybody else finds out what they're having and its just not as exciting" LOL. Mind you - these comments have come mainly from older people!

Good work ladies - I know its hard (and frustrating sometimes) not to know.

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