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Why couldnt I have discovered this place sooner? Lock Rss


My name is Ana and I am 27 weeks living north of Sydney. This is my first pregnancy, and I guess like most first time mums I am very optimistic but then again why be too anxious and worried when you can be happy and relaxed cause if something is going to go wrong, then in most cases worrying about it isnt going to help. I am a diabetic and I have slightly high blood pressure and I am in the "high risk " category and when I first found out I was pregnant I had to see a whole group of ppl at the hospital once a week! Now it is every fortnight but I dont know how much longer thats going to last. It is very hard because I also work fulltime and not too many employers cater for doctor's appointments so often. I have so much more to whinge about and hopefully there is another person who can relate to my situation.

Ana, NSW expecting..alot

Hi, i also am 27 but have just had my 2nd baby, I also live north of Sydney.
Nothing wrong with being optimistic, I never believed anything could go wrong first time round and nothing did!
Second time i felt like a walking time bomb waiting for something to go wrong, of course nothing did, but i reakon i have a few grey hairs and what use are they!
Good luck with everything and keep us updated!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Ana,

My name is Naomi & I have a 4yr old daughter and a 9 mth old son & I can relate to your situation in a way, I have a rare blood type so I was in for blood tests every 4-6 weeks throughout both my pregnancies & injections in my thigh after the births also.. So please feel free to email me and whinge away about anything on your mind!! I am online everyday & would love to chat. My email is [email protected]

See ya,

Nome, QLD, 4yr old girl, 9 mth old boy.

Hi anam.

I am an insulin dependent diabetic and pregnant again. I'm on the pump. All up I had 3 pregnancies:

I started off visiting the Diabetic clinic once every 4wks before concpetion & when I was preg, every 3wks. I compared my visits to non-diabetic mums-to-be & discovered I had a lot more visits than they.

PREG 1: didn't last long - the wk I found out I was preg was the wk I miscarried & 9wks gestation).

PREG 2: My BSL were great & the pregnancy was planned. I had a healthy appetite & gained 19kgs & my daughter was 4.2kgs! I was induced at 39wks, high blood pressure, retained heaps of fluid (elephant ankles!!!). I was working fulltime & my boss was a family man who respected my commitment to work & was very flexible about time off work for health reasons. At first he assumed that my doctor visits were only related to diabetes (didn't want to give away that I was preg until 3mths but after that I was releaved to finally tell him that I was preg & that because I was diabetic I would need to have regular/lengthy check-ups.) I quickly resigned to the fact that my entire mornings were a right-off when visiting the Diabetic clinic at the Royal Womens Hosp in Melbourne & negotiated my RDOs or used 1/2 day sick leave on my appointment days.

anam my husband was wonderful during labour. He helped me manage my diabetes throughout the 9hrs. He had the sugar ready, monitored my moods/behaviour & checked my BSLs on a regular basis. No nurse could have been anywhere near as helpful!

PREG 3: I am a stayhome mum now. My current pregnancy was not planned and my BSLs were all over the place when I conceived. I'm still sneaking in the chocolate & throughout this pregnancy my HbA1c have been under 7.1 although far from perfect. Im 35wks now. Bubbs hasn't turned his/her head down yet so might have a c-section this time round.

If you have any questions or just wonna complain about being diabetic, I am all ears (eyes) & would be happy to respond.

Vic, 3 girls

Hummm. Very embaressed to discover that I am two years late to respond to this post *blush*. New at this forum business but learnt something today!

Anyway if there are any ladies with diabetes that wonna chat, I am here.

Vic, 3 girls

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