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Hi there,
im just wodnering if there are any ladies out there, that after finding out your pregnant, did any of you develope a nasty infection like - Vulva Ulcers, then after waiting on your results find out it culd be herpes? or if someone has it and could share their experiences please, i really need some advice to help calm me down

If anyone wants to share that would be so helpfull and many thanks in advance.

I've never been in your situation, but I wanted to wish you well. Hopefully it's not Herpes, and is something that is easily treated and can't affect the baby.

I'm sure your GP will know the best course of action for you either way.

Good Luck smile
Hey there, first off relax, you may not have herpes and if you do it really is not the end of the world!!!

I have HSV1 and my partner has HSV2. So in the long and short of things, I have oral cold sores, and my partner has genital ones. Both are herpes.

So anyways, I was talking to my obstetrician, and he said that I may have HSV1 (oral cold sore) on my vagina... we don't know but have to do a test to find out.

The most dangerous thing about herpes is yes it can pass to your baby. But... 98% of people have HSV1 orally, 30% of women have HSV1 on their genitals. And 25% of women have HSV2 on their genitals (either way both herpes are considered the same so they are treated the same).The point I am making is. The transmission rate to an unborn baby is less than 0.1%. So for the amount of women that have herpes far outweighs the amount of babies that contract neonatal herpes.

Which is great news. But you are more likely to pass the virus onto your unborn child if you contract herpes during your pregnancy. So for me that means that I need to be very very careful as my partner has HSV2, and I do not. So if I contract HSV2 now while I am pregnant, it is highly likely that my baby will get herpes which have really devastating effect, and can cause death to the baby.

There are some great websites around that really explain it well. Because believe it or not herpes is really really common its just not talked about and thats why people feel alone. Talk to your doctor they should help you out a lot. Good luck, i know its scary.

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