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Maternity Leave Lock Rss

Hi Ladies

I work full time and was just wondering how many weeks before your baby is due is it normal to start your maternity leave? My EDD is 31 March 2010


When I was pregnant with #1 I finished work 2 weeks before I was due. I was so tired for those last 2 weeks at work. This time I am taking 4 weeks off before I am due. I think I am just that little bit more tired this time with a toddler at home and working full time so I am looking forward to a longer break.
First time I took 4 weeks before off and this time I took 6 weeks before.

It all depends on how you feel, your financial situation and your personal situation.
it really depends on how your pregnancy is going, with DD I finished work at 30 weeks. My doctor didnt want me to be working over christmas period. I used to work in retail.

From a Human Resources point of view - you have to have permission from a Dr to work in the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy.

From a personal point of view - it really does depend on your financial situation, if you're getting paid maternity leave etc... and what you feel like.

I took 4 weeks with DS and am taking 6 weeks for this one. But I was lucky enough with DS to be able to take 6 weeks maternity leave at half pay (12 weeks) and then 14 weeks annual leave at half pay (28 weeks) so virtually had no unpaid leave as I went back 2 days a fortnight on casual to help do the pays for the last 4 months of my maternity leave.

I wouldn't leave it too close to bub's arrival to finish up because you will need your rest.

Hi there,

It also depends on your workplace and what their policies are and also getting permission/med certificate for the last 6 weeks before your EDD.

I worked up until 36 weeks with DD1 and felt great but Dr's orders to go home and rest up.

With DD2, I worked up until 38 weeks and again felt really good.

It's all personal preference really (and your GP/obs opinion)

Good luck! smile]

Hi there, call me crazy, but I am due in 2 weeks - 29th Sept, and am still working, and plan on working till next Friday (25th). I am not one to sit around and play the waiting game, wood sooner be busy.

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I left work when i was 32 weeks due to my BP dropping all the time, but a girl i worked with worked up until the day before her EDD, and she delivered bubs 2 days after she left ( she left Friday and had bubs on Monday night )

Depends on your health and yes your workplace...I had to get a certificate from my doc to state I was unfit to work after 32 weeks, but if I wanted to work up until due date, the doc would have to give me a certificate stating I was FIT to work..

Do what you thinks best BUT remember rest is very important for you AND bubs...

Goodluck smile

with DD1 i was in my last week of work when i had her. i was meant to finish on the friday but had her on the tuesday at 38 weeks plus 5

DD2 i finished up at 36 weeks and also had her at 38 weeks.

this time i haven't set a date (self employed this time round) but am thinking of just dropping to 3 days a week come week 37. i work nights!!!


1st = 36wks
2nd = 26wks, had a few problems with pregnancy & was moving interstate as well
3rd = am 35wks now hoping to continue until 38.5wks. Am working fulltime at nights so really depends on how tired I am. If ok might just cut back to 5hrs a night once I go past 38.5wks. Also require medical clearance every 2wks for work now anyway.


With dd1 I finish a couple of weeks before.
This time I am finishing almost 8 weeks early. But like the other ladies have said, depends on your situation.
I only work 2 days now and would prefer to finish and spend time with my dd before bubs comes.

Well, I was tossing and turning about when to go as well. I was talking to everyone and then one friend said to - get rest as you don't want to go into labour exhausted. I was thinking 2 weeks prior to EDD but then I changed it to 4 weeks prior. I want to rest in case I do end up going early. This is my first baby. I'm due 9th Dec and taking leave from 9th Nov.

I'm taking 3 weeks annual leave and starting actual maternity leave 1 week before EDD, so I'll be 35.5 weeks when I go on leave.

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