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Braxton Hicks????? Sharp Pains Rss

Hi everyone
I am due to have our 2nd baby in 4-6 weeks & am having really sharp pains down there & across the innerside of my legs, also what do braxton hicks feel like - I am having sort of tight stabbing sensations but as our first baby was breech & I was in & out of hospital with back pain, I never got to experience natural labour or (i don't think) have any braxton hicks contractions. Is anyone else feeling these or should I see my OB.
With my second I got braxton hicks from aout 26 weeks. I kept on going to bed at night thinking that I would have to go to hospital during the night but woke up with nothing having happened. They were definitely more painful and obvious than first time round, Still talk to your ob for reassurance that nothing is really happening.

All the best.

mum to 2 girls

Hi there,

I had braxton hicks with my last two babies that were so bad I thought I was actually maybe starting labour. I was told it was just my body getting all prepared for the real thing. You'll probably find that you have nothing to worry about but I always say that if you are unsure get it checked out. I had my 6th baby in January and I still drove my doctor crazy with questions.

good luck
Hi there,

I had braxton hicks everynight for 8 weeks. They were 10mins apart and very similar to real contractions. Everynight I wondered whether I should ring the hospital or not. In the end I got to 38 weeks and the OB wanted to induce me. He didn't have to because the baby arrived the morning he was going to induce me.

If you are not sure that everything is alright or you feel like something is unusual or different and you are not comfortable get it checked out with your OB. It is better to get it checked then to leave it.

With my first child I thought I was the most annoying person ever, visiting the hospital and the doctors because I wasn't sure that everything was ok. But now, I am know whether I feel everything is ok or not.

Good luck

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