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Wondering is anyone else has experience discharge while they are pregnant. My due date is 25/9/04, but my OB has put my back to the 18/10/04. I was just wondering if having a white discharge is something normal or indication that you might go into labour soon. I have been having (I think) braxton hick contractions for the last 1-2 weeks. Is this any sign????

A thin whitish discharge is normal in pregnancy and usually increases the further along you are. I am pretty sure it is a result of everything getting supple for the impending birth and is nothing to worry about unless it is thick and lumpy, has a really bad odour or is yellow.

This is what I read in my pregnancy book. I am pregnant with my second baby and I have the same sort of discharge. I also had it with my first pregnancy.

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Definitely normal. Like Ashleesmum said, look out for those changes or for the mucous plug (show). They usually describe that as mucousy, jelly like and pink streaked. If that happens, then contact your carer - otherwise the normal discharge is OK - just annoying!. I wore panty liners for weeks before my last baby, thinking any minute I would have a show. Then he was ten days late and I had the show in mid-labour, an hour before he was born!

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Discharge, discharge- discharge all around. Nothing abnormal. Heck, sometimes you may even pee your pants a little. Nobody talks about it, that's all. In fact, if you are only just discharging whilst you are pregnant, then consider yourself lucky. Just use the panty liners.



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