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To turn or not to turn Lock Rss

Our first child was breech & born via c-section, i am 4-6 weeks off having our 2nd child & at my last visit my OB told me bub was breech so to think seriously about another c-section. I love big families & am hoping to have at least 4 kids. My OB told me if i have another c-section it will be to risky to try natural birth. we've been tossing up ideas of turning bub, i had a motorbike accident when i was about 2 & this could have some impact on weather i can go through natural birth or not. I have 4 or 5 pros & cons for having another c-section, at least I know everything will be ok, buu will be safe & delivery date, but on the downside i can't do alot for 6-8 weeks, not pickup my 20 month old, can't drive. Natural birth it's silly but i want to try it, i want my waters to break, i was to feel contractions, but i hear so many scarey stories about turning babys, what if they turn back or the cord get tangled what if i get in there & try hard just for my OB to turn around & say nop nothing is happening prep her for theatre.
Has anyone else experience this & if so did you chose to turn bub.

I guess it sounds like you might need to weigh up to pros and cons you talked about and perhaps talk to your OB a bit more about the risks and real possibilities of things going wrong. I had an emergency ceaser with my first baby and I would like to have a natural delivery with this one, but it may be too risky for me also.
It would be great to experience a natural birth but when it boils down to it I would rather go with the option that would hopefully give me the best possible birth outcome - a healthy baby and mum - only a repeat ceaser will give me that.
As far as turning goes, my first baby was posterior with face presentation and I was given a series of exercises to encourage the baby to turn, which she didn't. I also have a very small pelvis so it would be a bit scary to go through labour again.
My sister was breech and the doctor turned her several times, but my mum said the minute she walked out of his office, she would just turn right back again. That was a long time ago though and I think things may have changed since then.
Good luck with what ever you decide, I know it must be difficult.

4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

I have heard that manual turning is very painful my bub was transverse and my chiro suggested accupunture and I have heard this is very successful - I was too late to try (2 days b4 due date) but they put the needles in your foot or something so its nowhere near bubs which is what I was worried about.

Keep us posted


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Sam,

I have never had a breech birth but I did have one of my babies that looked like she was going that way. I only had a midwife as I was booked into a birthing suite. She was really fantastic and recommended that I start swimming as much as I could. She said that swimming quite often encourages bubs to turn. I was lucky I was able to do that as we had a swimming pool at the time. My baby turned and everything went well. I can't say if it was the swimming or if it was just a coincidence and bubs was going to turn anyway, but perhaps it's worth a try.
I was encouraged to swim, too, with my posterior babies. The only warning I had was from my OB was to not do the breaststroke kicking motion. Something to do with pelvic ligaments. (Frogkicks)

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Hi to everyone

Thanks for all your replies. Well yesterday was my appt. with my OB, & my husband & I have decided that we are going to go for another c-section. It seems like the safest option for both bub & myself.
So thank you, Saturday 2nd October will be decider date - getting pretty excited now.

thanks sam
I'm sure it's a big relief to have made the decision and can look forward now, without the uncertainty. All the very best for your baby's delivery.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Great to find this post. I'm in a similar position, had no problems with the birth of James. But with this baby (I'm 36wks now) she was breech last week and can still feel legs kicking down low so hasn't turned yet. They said something about the doc trying to turn her at the appointment we have next week. But since thinking about it DH an I pretty much feel we would rather have a caesar rather than take any risks of doc trying to turn the baby! I don't know much about turning babies but can't say I like the sound of it! And I know how you feel about a caesar with a 20 month old to take care of!! But I think better to have a safe birht and healthy baby even if things are hard for a month or so afterwards. This is our last one and having been induced with James I wouldn't mind having a natural labour this time round (savour the experience, I was really looking forward to it) But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

hi, i read ur post and am disturbed!! very much so. it may be a little late, but i'll say it anyway.. ur OB is wrong. i had c-section for first birth baby was breech. i'm now 26 weeks again. OB said i can try natural birth on whats called trial of labour. the risk is very small for the scar to tear, esp. if it is horizontal. about 0.01 % chance.
i'm going to have natural, my OB recommends it, as there is also a risk if u want more children, and have more than one c-section after the other that chances of still birth or misscarriage in subsequent births are much higher. EVEN AFTER 34 WEEKS IT CAN HAPPEN IN THIS CASE.
My first child was also breech and nothing was mentioned to me by my OB about turning the baby. I had a caesarean and now have a very healthy 15mth little boy. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and my husband and I have already decided (90% sure) that I will have another caesarean due to the added risks of natural delivery now. I would like to try naturally, but think I would prefer to know that both bubs and myself will be perfectly safe and healthy if we go with the caesarean. If this one is breech too, I will not try to turn the bub because I have heard that it can be very painful for the mum and distressing for the bubs and doesn't always work anyway. Good luck, whatever you decide.

Belinda, VIC, Josh 15/7/03, due May 05

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