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ways to tell the gender of your baby. Lock Rss

HI my name is melinda i'm expecting our 2nd baby the 12th march 2010..I'm wondering if anyone knows how to tell the sex of your baby,i have done so many wives tales with the ring,chinese prediction calender etc..It all says a girl my husbands nan has said with me being sick with my son but not this one usually means a different sex is it true?I kinda wanna get an i dea on the sex as we are stopping at 2 lil one's after bubby is born..Does anyone know if any of these old wives tales work or if there are other ones out there..They have worked for my son when i was pregs with him..
Thanks for your help melinda


Sickness or lack there of is no indication of gender!
I'm sick every day right until they pop out, regardless of sex (I have a girl and a boy and a surprise on the way).

The chinese gender charts are not always accurate either..

As for the ring test, that can be fairly accurate, but of course, nothing is going to be 100% accurate...
With the ring test, make sure you hold the ring (or whatever object, it doesn't have to be a ring) over your palm and ask it to show you boy and then ask it to show you girl.
Then try it over your belly.

Other than that, you'll just have to wait for a) an ultrasound where it's all clearly visible or b) the birth!!
I wouldn't listen to any wives tales or chinese predictors, they were way off with me. You will have to wait till you have your scan at 19-20 weeks or the birth!

I have had morning sickness with all 3 pregnancies first 2 were boys and this one is a girl. And the sickness was basically the same for all 3 lasting to around 20 weeks. So the same for me there.
The only old wives tale that worked all 3 times for me was the ring test. Going by the chinese calender i am meant to have 3 girls.

Up until my 19 week scan where I found out I was having a wee boy I spent ages online taking 'old wives tale' quizzes to predict my babies gender! They were all about hair growing faster or slower, morning sickness, carrying high or low etc. Every single quiz told me I was having a girl! It was fun to read the old wives tales etc but I wouldnt call them accurate at all. Time will tell all. Good luck smile
This wont really apply to you at this early stage but they say you carry girls out the front and boys kind of every where lol
Is probably just a wives tale but it seems true for me im 32weeks and having a girl and have only put on just over 4kg just look like ive got a basketball up my top that just sticks out the front, im all baby havent put on mass or weight anywhere else except the boobs, whereas other women i know who are having boys dont really stick out as much as my bump but sort of go outwards to the sides as well and have seemed to put on quite alot of weight - completely normal guess im just lucky but who knows anything could happen in 8weeks haha

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i had tried all the prediction wives tales too and they were all wrong! Each time i had the opposite of the chinese calandar. this time again im having a girl when the chinese calandar said im supposed to be having a boy. oh well it s fun anyway !!!!

the most accurate old wives tale was something I saw on ellen (and has been accurate on those ive used it on so far - including me- i was pregnant when she tried it on tv)
ok, do this with me

sort of pretend the screen is my face and im standing in front of you (sounds weird lol) , now show me your hands

palms facing upwards=girl
palms facing downwards= boy

what did yours indicate?
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