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Finding Out Whether it is a Boy or a Girl at Ultrasound Lock Rss

Hi Mums and Mums-to-Be

I would like to hear what other peoples' opinions are on the advantages and disadvantages of finding out the baby's sex before it is born.

With my first pregnancy we didn't find out the sex but I knew in my heart it was a girl and I was right. This time my husband and I are considering finding out whether it is a boy or a girl at the 19 week scan but are still undecided. I like the element of surprise you get at the delivery but I feel like this one is another girl anyway so why not find out?

We are also worried we wouldn't be able to keep the sex a secret because we would still want it to be a surprise for family and friends when the baby is born.

What have been other peoples experiences? If you found out early did you think it was good or would have rather waited till the birth?

Any comments are more than welcome.

4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi Kristi,
My first child is 17 mths old (firl) and another (boy) is due Xmas Day...and I found out the sex of both. Im one of those people who likes to be organised, and as I didnt know what to expect being a mum for the first time I wanted everything perfect...nice pretty girlie things for a girl or cute boy things etc. Im not a huge fan of lemons and greens (although she does wear them), and I didnt want to go rushing out just after the birth to buy clothes. I wanted the nursery either pink or blue and I wanted everything just right!! Apart from that, I hate surprises (unless I know Im going to find out the surprise in an hour or so lol) but I couldnt stand waiting all that time to find out either. With this pregnancy, its like the I need to go and get boy stuff, or will it be a hand-me-down kid? I just needed to know, and now that I do, Im organised and excited to boot as we are only having 2 children and one of each is just perfect for us. Of course, other members of our families like the surprise aspect and dont want us to tell them - each to their own!! Good luck in whatever you decide!!

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

Hi girls,
I found out with my first son so i could be pre-pared. I knew deep down he was a boy so it was no suprise iethe. with my youngest son we didnt find out, as we had so many baby goodies it didnt matter. This time I will be finding out as I have no baby clothes lurking anymore.
With my first son we knew but didnt tell anyone who didnt want to know as most people refer to babies as he/she anyway.

Good luck with what you decide

Kathy,VIC,Josh 8, Alex 7, Michael 1

Hi Kristi,

I have the same situation as you. With my first two girls I didn't find out what they were, because we knew we wouldn't be able to keep the secret and we did want people to be surprised.

With this baby, my husband doesn't want to know, but I think I do, however I haven't completely decided yet. I will decide on the day.

Although, I do have two scenarios for you. One, my friends found out what they were having and told no one what the sex was til he was born 7wks ago. I liked this because they knew and no one else did.

Second scenario, my sister in law, knew what she was having and told everyone beforehand that she was having a boy. everyone use to just ask her "so have you thought of names for him". When Kyle was born, everyone when they found out was "oh right, so what did you call him". No one was really excited that she had had the baby and what his name was and how much he weighed, because we had know for so long that he was coming.

Just a few tips ideas on how I have seen people react in the different situations. Anyway good luck with your decision.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Hi Kristi,

I found out the sex of both my children.

I absolutely LOVED the fact I knew what was inside me & knew what his/her name was going to be. ( I have one of each).

We told only my hubbys mum, dad & sister(they wanted to know) & they were sworn to secrecy. My parents didn't want to know & everyone else knew that we knew the sex but we weren't telling.

That way those that wanted a surprise got one.....

My friends had a baby 5 months ago & they told people they didn't know the sex, but actually they did. That way they weren't hassled all the time about what they were having.

Good luck with your decision......


Michelle - Mum to 2

I have four children. With my first I did not find out and we were surprised with a little boy. I am one of three girls and he was the first grandchild on both sides so this was very exciting. I also did not firnd out with number 2. When I got to the end of the scan I burst out "What is it?" even though we decided not to find out! Of course, she had her legs crossed and legs tucked up and we could not tell. Serve me right for changing my mind. We had a frightening emergency ceaser and nearly lost her, so the surprise of having a girl was fabulous. With number 3 it was all there on the screen and we had no choice but to know. I could not believe how clear it was. My husband and I did not want to know, but were happy when we did. Number 4 was a complete surprise baby! We had given away a lot of things and were not prepared for another bub. Everyone said we would have a girl as our others were boy-girl-boy. I was not sure how I would feel about the sex as I really would have liked another girl, too. It would be nice and even! Of course, this baby was a surprise and it did not matter what the sex was, but we decided to find out to avoid the possibility of any disappointment. The baby was clearly a boy! After the initial second of "Oh", I was ecstatic. I was pleasantly surprised at my feelings of joy. Finding out I was pregnant had been so shocking, that knowing the sex made me feel more in control of things. I was mostly glad the baby was a boy as my youngest son would not yet be 2 when he was born. I was happy to have 2 little boys close together. I must say, though, that the excitement of having the surprise first and second time round was so much more of an impact than with the 2 we found out. We told my Mum and my sisters as they were the main shoppers! We did not tell our other children and this was enough excitement for us to be able to finally tell them what their new baby was. Also we did not tell my Dad, MIL or friends etc. I told our friends we were not 100% sure of the sex so we weren't going to tell. (Technically this is true for all scans!) Good luck with your decision.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Hi Ashleesmum,
First of congratulations, how exciting baby number two. Well I'm pretty much like nyrrek, I have four beautiful children. With my first child ( a boy ) I did not find out as both my husband and I wanted a surprise. With my second child ( another boy ) we both decided that we liked the surprise factor. With my 3rd I myself was very undecided wheather or not to find out the sex. I did but husband didn't. When it came to have the ultrasound the little one decided to cross her legs such a lady ( a girl this time ) With my 4th ( surprise package ) I again was undecided, Hubby still wanted a surprise but number four decided to show all his glory. This made me both happy and a little sad, as it would have been lovely to have another little girl, but I would not change him for the world, his such a good baby ( he is now 6mth ) With the knowledge of knowing he was a boy, both hubby and I decided to tell no one. At least when he was born it was a nice surprise for my older kids and family. I hope that helps, All the best in your pregnancy.

Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess

Hi Kristi

I found out and I would again (although none of my pregnant friends around me found out and couldn't believe I did).

I think deep down we all kind of hope we are having a boy or girl for various reasons. I thought I was having a girl before we found out at the 18 week scan and had started thinking of all the things we'd do together when she was older. When I found out it was a boy I started thinking about all the advantages of a boy and got into buying for a boy. I was excited to be having a little boy during my pregnancy whereas if I didn't find out and was expecting a girl all along I think I may have been a tad disappointed when he was born and it wasn't what I was expecting (just momentarilly of course smile

I loved referring to Ryan as a 'him' rather than an 'it' and being able to buy specifically for a boy. My friend who didn't find out wanted to know in the end cause she was sick of buying whites and lemons and calling her bub an 'it'. However the disadvantage of finding out is that they can be wrong ...

All the best and let us know what you decide to do


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

hi everyone
i was just wondering if even though they dont tell you at the time, is it mentioned on your ultrasound report that the dr. get wheater you are haveing a boy or girl?
i would like to find out but dont wont to pay another $80 for an ultrasound.
thank you

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

I have never had it mentioned on the Ultrasound report - and I open mine and read them well before I get back to the doctor! I'm afraid you'll probably have to go back for another one if you want to know. However, remember it relies on the position of the baby and the gestation, as to how big he/she is, to see the genitals etc. You could end up wasting your money anyway! Good luck..

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

hi nyrrek
thanks for getting back to me, i think i will just have to wait and see!
i was hoping for a boy and i wanted to find out so i could get used to the idea if we are going to have another beautiful girl.
the bottom line is lets hope for a healthy bub no matter what!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam


We didn't find out with our first born, I was convinced I was having a girl, so when it came out a boy I was shocked for nearly the whole day!

We decided to find out with our second as I like to be organised and atleast I could go out and buy things for the baby, the hardest part was keeping it from everyone, as everyone was always asking - What do you think it is? I think it's this, what do you think? Do you want a boy or a girl? What names have you got picked out?

Questions like this were the hardest as we didn't want to tell anyone, but when you get asked constantly things like this, it gets hard not to just blurt out and say what it is.

That was the only downfall to knowing though, I thought it was great because everything was done before the baby was born, I went clothes shopping straight after the ultrasound! Although I was still a little bit hesitant in believing it 100% as I have heard that they can be wrong.

I am pregnant with my third child now and we are going to find out what it is, the only difference this time is that if people ask, I will just tell them what it is. There are still a few people that want it to be a surprise, but if people want to know I will tell them, the only thing I won't be giving away is any names we've got picked out. Gotta keep something a surprise!

Good Luck

Tanya, Vic, 3yrs, 1yr.

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