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mixed emotions Lock Rss

Hi guys hope u are all doing well. I have just got home from hospital have been in there for a week now i am 25 weeks and my waters have broke, i am goin g to brisbane tomorrow to the marter so hopefully they will be able to shed some light on what is happening.
I have been scared for the past week dont know what to expect or how to deal with this kid of new.

skye,Qld, 7 yo and pregnant

Hi Skye,

All I can suggest is to try relax and just see what happens. The dr's etc know best and will be able to shed light I'm sure tomorrow and remember the most important thing to them is you and your babies health.
Good Luck with it all and let us know what happens smile
Hi Skye,

U poor thing a similas thing happened to a friend of a friend, her waters started leaking at 23 weeks so they admitted her and stitched her cervix closed and all is well she is now 32 weeks and hoping to get to 35 but as far as i know everything is fine..

Hope this eases ur mind a little

Take care xxxx

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