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Low HCG levels of 300 at 5 weeks & 1 day. Lock Rss


I really need some help ( & opinions ).

I am 5 weeks & 1 day pregnant. I concieved on Saturday 26th September. My LMP was 14th September.

Last night I went to the emergency department at the Royal Womens Hospital in Melbourne as I was having servere pains in my right side just above my groin and also in my lower back on the right side. I was also feeling very sick ( not to the point of vomiting but very very close to it.)

The Dr did a blood test to check my HCG levels and the test results came back as very low ( 300 ). She has told me I need to come back again tomorrow for another blood test to have the HCG levels checked again but she suspects I have an ectopic pregnancy. She told me that my HCG levels should be around 7000 by now.

Does anyone know if it is normal for a Dr to suspect an ectopic pregnancy and send you home. I was under the impression an ectopic pregnancy was serious and needs to be dealt with ASAP.

Has anyone else been in this situation? I am distressed beyond belief and dont know who to talk to or what questions to ask.

Please let me know if you have any advise or a similar experience.

Thanks ..... looking forward to your replies.


Update .... Things are not looking good for our little one ... The cramping has started again.
Sorry i don't have any advice.
Just wanted to reply and give you a big hug.. hope they find out whats going on.

Hi Meganmummy

I can appreciate how distressed you are. I'm no expert but like you, I thought an ectopic was something they acted on pretty quickly. However, considering you were sent home without an ultrasound, I'm guessing 24 hours at this stage is ok as the embryo is still so small.... You are obviously concerned, (and rightly so) so if I were you, I'd call the maternity unit at your hospital and speak to a midwife.

I hope things work out for you.
hi there,
I haven't been through the same thing as you with the pain but I remember when I found out I was pregnant bubs was late to implant and I conceived a little earlier then I had thought. so when I had an early scan done he was actually just over a week younger then I had thought.
Is this possible with you?
and have you had an early scan done to check whats going on?, this should tell you straight away if its ectopic and how far along you are.
All I had to do to get one was express my worries (I had had a misscarrage a thew months earlier) and ask for a scan refferal.
i had an etopic pregnancy when i was 19 (im now 25) but it started for me with bad bleeding and horrible cramps to the point i was curled up and in tears. not knowing i was pregnant i went to the hospital because i was in so much pain and after 8hrs of being there they sent me home saying i had a urine infection and my periods bad! i got home and just as i was about to go to bed the hospital rang and said i was pregnant and because of the bleeding they "thought" it was etopic, i went straight to my dr she did a urine test & i went for a scan straight away and when it was confirmed i was sent straight back to the hospital and by that night was in surgery so they dont take them too lightly i would be either calling ur antenatal clinic or going straight to ur family doctor. good luck. renee
Megan I'm really sorry this is happening to you and I beg you to return to the hospital. It sounds very likely to be an ectopic. I had an ectopic pregnancy at 7 weeks which they saw on a scan. At about 5 weeks my HCG was around the 300 mark too. I didn't expect any pain until about 2 days before my scan. At that point I knew it was ectopic (I had a feeling right from the start as the pregnancy just "didn't feel right") and I went to hospital but was sent home as the pain stopped. I brought forward my scan that was booked for later that week and the pregnancy was in my right tube. I was damn lucky that it didn't rupture and that I have my life! When I woke up from the surgery afterwards I was told I had already started to internally bleed. I really don't understand why I was sent home in the first place and I think it was totally irresponsible for the doctor to do so.

I hope since you posted this that you have know some answers to why you are in pain and that hopefully its not ectopic. If it is I hope you have been treated and if you want to talk to someone about it please PM me.

Im so sorry to read this,my thoughts are with u.

a little on HCG results.
this is a scale i recieved from my doctor, the pathologist's use.

HCG ranges by week.....
week 4..40........350........2000
week 5..400.......1800.......10000
week 6..1600......8000.......33000

i had complications too and my HCG levels at 4wks 6days were 404, i was told this was dangerously low.
then tested again at 5wks 1day it was 1100.

yours do sound low, could your dates be out a bit?

good luck.


Just letting everyone know that we lost our baby girl ( pathology confirmed ) to an ectopic pregnancy yesterday. I truly thank everyone for their kind messages and thoughts and I wish you all the best for you upcoming arrivals.

keep me updated.

Love and best wishes ... Megan.
aw, i am so sorry to hear of your loss!
i've only just joined today as i just had my ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. And your thread was the first one i read, as i had to have my HCG levels chked last week.
hope you are well, and begin trying to concieve again soon smile
can i ask you a personal question, which of course you do not have to answer if is inappropriate, but i was just wondering how you knew you tiny bubs was a little girl? i had a miscarriage about 6 yrs ago now, and would have loved to know for sure what the sex was.
Hi Lindy,

Lovely to hear from you. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival.

We asked the surgeons if they could tell us the sex of the baby and they said the only way they could do that was with pathology testing when they removed my tube and the baby.

My husbabnd and I really arent convinced that they are 100% sure but when the surgeon came back to see us the next morning he said from his testing it was a girl.

As I said - we arent 100% convinced they are sure of the sex, but as my husband keeps saying to me " what reason have we got to doubt them either ".

Hope everything goes well for you this time and you end up with a beautiful baby at the end of the long 9 months ahead.

Take care & best wishes.

Megan. xoxoxoxo.

I had the same thing happen to me! I was 5 weeks and my levels were the exact same as yours, with bleeding at the start.

It turned out i was having an ectopic and it was the worst pain i have ever been through. I was even at the same hospital as you!!

I am actually pregnant again after two years because it took me a long time to heal and grieve over the loss. sad i wish you well xxx
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