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Pubis Symphasis Disfunction - Ouch!!! Lock Rss

Hi All >^..^<

Has anyone else been driven crazy with the pain and frustration of Pubis Symphasis Dysfunction (PSD)???

This is my fourth pregnancy and I had PSD with my last pregnancy from 22 weeks onwards, it was just an annoying ache at first but each week got steadily more painful until I could hardly walk. To get anything from the shop, I had to drive my 16 yr old to the shop, pass him a small list of goodies to get while I waited in the car, I simply could not walk. By the last eight weeks I was in so much pain I was practically house bound and it looks like this pregnancy is going the same way, PSD started at 12 weeks this time, I am nearly 23 weeks along and am already finding walking to be quite painful. I have found there is not a lot of information on the subject and definately no sympathy, it is very hard to explain it to people and they don't realise how agonising it can be. Even medical staff don't seem all to fussed about it and just fob you off, I found the pain towards the end unbearable and ended up in tears most of the time, I just think that there should be more support and information out there for this debilitating condition.
Anyway sorry to carry on, just wanted to know if anyone has any hints or tips on how to cope.

Thanks everyone

Hi Kaleidoscopekitty,
First of all congratulations on your fourth pregnancy. OH Boy do I know how you feel. Luckily I only got Pubis Symphasis Dysfunction in my last pregnacy ( I also have four kids ) my youngest is only 6 and half months old. I developed PSD at around 12 weeks, at first it was only a niggling pain in the pubis, silly me thought I pulled a muscle, as my daughter was only 18 months old at the time. I thought it happen due to lifting and playing with her. How wrong I was. The pain gradually increased due to the pressure of growing bub. So by the time I reached the 18-22 week stage, I asked my Obs/Gyn about the pain as I to was having difficulty just walking and with an active 18 month old and then a 8 and 5 year old it wasnt much fun. My Obs/Gyn suggested to see a physiotherapist Re the condition. However when I saw the physio there is not much they can do, one was to rest as much as possible ( Yeah Right, with little ones ) The other thing she suggested and I did buy was a pelvic belt ( The physio measured me for a fitting ) Basically what is was, Is an elastic belt that fits around the pelvis, what this is meant to do is to push the pelvis inwards, and hence lessen the movement of Symphasis Pubis. I found this worked personally on a short term basis, but as my belly expanded the pelvic belt kept on rolling over and made it more uncomfortable to wear.
As for explaining the condition, I just told people that when your pregnant that the hormone relaxin softens all the ligaments and what has happen is that the pubis ligament is basically moving back and forth (like rubbing together) besides by the later stage of my pregnacy I could feel the pubis click every so often very very painful. In the end the only thing I could do was take pain killers at night just to help me sleep. Oh the only other thing I found useful was to use my boomerang pillow between my legs in bed, this help keep my pelvis in alignment ( To a point )

I hope that has helped, But I fully understand your feelings. Feel free to ask me anything else even if is to whinge.

My thoughts are with you

Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess

I also have four kids and had this with my last pregnancy. Only not to the degree that you have both suffered. My midwife initially suggested I may need a pelvic support, too, but I was able to do without it. I would like to endorse using pillows between your legs as well. It did make a big difference to me. So did putting my legs together before I attempted to get out of bed, and rolling as close to the edge before lowering my legs over the edge. My midwife even said she knew of a woman who would tie her knees together before she went to sleep to stop herself from turning over awkwardly in the night. I replied that if I had tied my legs together a few months earlier I wouldn't have this problem. But that's another story! My OB suggested swimming as a good form of relief, but to absolutely avoid frogkicks, like with breaststroke. All the best, and like Julianne said, rest up as much as possible.

PS Julianne - Our kids are almost the same ages -9, 5.5, 2 and 5 months!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

sorry to be so ignorant, but can you describe where the pain is or what this feels like? I have been getting a dull ache which some days is quite painful and have trouble walking without developing a waddle which makes it worse!! The only way I can describe it is to say that it feels like I have been sitting on concrete for hours! I asked my OB about it and he just said "well dont sit on concrete!" I've guessed that its to do with the ligaments stretching, but would love to know what is really going on!!
Hi to every one >^..^<

Thankyou so much for your responses, it means so much to be able to talk with people who have exreienced the same thing. I have found the last week quite hard as the pain is getting steadily worse. Been wondering if I will eventually need a disabled parking permit!!!

MERRY:: In response to your question about where the pain is and how it feels, for me it has only been on the left hand side of the pubic bone and feels sort of like a bruise, it hurts with every movement of the left leg, things like putting weight on one leg (IE: getting dressed) and I find after lying in bed on one side and wanting to turn over is a chore, as it hurts to turn over. I have used the pillow between the knees as a form of relief and this does work to some extent. I am no specialist but I beleive that this condition comes from the change in hormones when you are pregnant which softens the ligaments , the pubic bone then separates slightly in the middle and this causes movement in an area that is not supposed to be moving! I have done a few searches on the net and have found it hard to get much information at all. It's such a painful condition and I had it with my last pregnancy but you find that hardly anyone has heard of it and there really is not much information or support out there for anyone suffering from it.

I can be contacted at [email protected] if anyone would like to talk

I forgot to say in my last post I have 3 boys, 16, 9 and 11 months, and 24 weeks pregnant

Take care from >^..^<
Thanks for that. It sounds very similar to what I'm experiencing. Next time I see my OB I'll ask him what he thinks, baffle him with some knowledge, might make him sit up and take more notice instead of having a joke about everything!!
I have come across this website and I thought you might be interested in the information and treatment suggestions (I did my search under pubic pain). I hope that the rest of your pregnancy is endurable and that your pain improves.
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