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Twins (monoamniotic) Lock Rss

Hi just wondering if any1 else is having twins??

I'm due 10th june and having momo twins (same sac, no membrane 1 placenta)

If you are also having twins i'd like to hear from you.

Thanks smile

mum to Maddison born 29.09.07 - 3 angel babies (1

im not having twins as i already had
they were born in feb this year.. at 29weeks and doing great..
i just wanted to say congrats on the twins and i hope everything goes well..
there was a storey on twins like urs on RPA a few weeks ago..and she had hers at 31weeks...
good luck..

hi, im currently expecting monochorionic diamniotic twin boys their due date is feb 12 so im 24wks 4days. I have two ds already, 3yrs and 1yr. Due to high risk i was having scans every 2wks, at 21wks it was found my boys have twin to twin transfusion syndrome, so now im travelling weekly to see a specialist, so far they are both doing well.
Really hope you have a trouble free pregnacy.

Congratulations on your twins.
I have monochronic diamniotic girls who are now 2 yrs old.
How far along are you now? I'm guessing they'll be watching you fairly closely?

Hi, I have identical twin boys (13 weeks old today). They were born at 34 weeks, 2 sacs and 1 placenta and weighed 5 pounds and 5 pounds 12. They were very healthy with no complications. I also have a 5 yr old daughter who is a very big help (as i live in a remote community with no family around). I love having twins but am having alot of difficulty with feeding (bottle/formula fed)and settling at 6pm at night. Would love feedback from anyone with twins or just to chat to others who are a part of the twin club.
Hi Carz04

Im having identical twins - one placenta one sac with a membrane to separate them Due in April 2010.

Im travelling well but am very big as I already have 2 boys (5 and 3 yo).

Just had my nuchal and all went well, starting to feel tiny movements already - started at about 13 weeks but are irregular and faint

CONGRATULATIONS - would love to keep in touch and hear how you are going with it all.


hey breeders!

I'm 34 weeks with mono/di girls. Already have 2 boys and weren't trying for any more so it was a big surprise but we are very excited, yet bracing ourselves!

At 33 weeks I was the size of at 42 weeks with my last son who was 9lb 4oz so I'm feeling huge and heavy, but shouldn't complain as there have been no worries so far, and what a relief to make it this far. I was so worried about twin to twin transfusion syndrome earlier in the pregnancy but the fortnightly scans from 20 weeks have been reassuring. I'm feeling chuffed to make it to 34 weeks - the obstetrician said the other day "you've done it - if they arrive now they're almost guaranteed to not have problems due to being premature". Yay.

I guess the mono/mono pregnancies have their own risks that are different to other twin risks?

Does anyone else worry about everything like I do? I'm a happy and reasonably chilled person but when it comes to my babies I'm always worrying. Atm I'm working hard not to think about labour and birth...the last 2 were so long and painful and all my ideals about natural childbirth have gone out the window. I know I should be mentally preparing and aiming for a natural experience but just want an epi and speedy delivery. As long as they arrive safely though eh?

Good luck! Wish me luck too!


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