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Smoked Salmon Lock Rss

Hi Ladies, i have been trying to find some information on the internet about eating smoked salmon when pregnant, i have found some information that says stay away from it, but others say its fine to eat if cooked.

I would normally just have it in a stir fry or something like that, but ive also read that if you freeze fish it kills bacteria, would this be the same for smoked salmon??



I don't know about wheather smoked salmon is meant to be okay to eat i would geuss it isn't even if cooked due to the quer. But i do know as my mothers a sterilisation technition that freezing anything with bacteria doesn't kill most of the back bacteria but just stops the growth of bacteria so they can't spread.
i heard that you should stay away from it. but its best to just ask you DR next to you get see them

Thanks ladies, maybe best if i steer clear of it. just in case!! but will def talk to my dr about it too....


i regularly get my smoked salmon fix during pregnancy by having it on pizza, or with cheese on toast. this is my third pregnancy and all along the midwives have said to me its ok as long as its cooked. If you have left-overs, its also ok as long as you reheat it to piping hot.

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