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  5. ouch, really sharp pain, can anyone relate

ouch, really sharp pain, can anyone relate Lock Rss

i have this really shaprp pain just near my belly button on my left side, i dont know what it is anyone know??

at a geuss from my experiences in pregnancy it could be ethier you stomach muscles stratching or a big stretch mark about to come up.
oh loveley!!! smile

I had that on monday, on my left side, from my belly button down to my undie line, my OB said it is prolly my ligaments strecthing....but it was really painful


Hi Lois
From my experience, pregnancy is full of sharp pains and discomforts. They come and go and change so much. As you are nearly to term, it might just be the baby moving. I'm 34 weeks with twins (3rd pregnancy) and am regularly getting sharp and achy pains, and when i put my hand at where the pain is coming from, it's a foot or knee or something. Little wrigglers! Not long now, then we get to experience some truely sharp pains lol.

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