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Braxton Hicks!! Lock Rss

Do you get them???
If so how often?

This is the reason i ask,
I was in the hospital on tuesday night as i was having regular BH with some pain, they were 3-4 mins apart for 5hrs. Was hooked up to the ctg and they were quite strong contractions, had an internal and my cervix is closed so that is good. Had another test done that can tell if you will go into preterm labour within the next 10 days but it came back inconclusive. Doc didnt know if he should send me home or not as my previous labours have been so short. But there isnt really much they could have done if i stayed.

Still having the BH but not like they were. Yesterday i had alot of period and back pain but i guess that can be the norm in pregnancy as well. I just wish it would all stop. It's so hard with the 2 boys to look after as well. It's not so bad when i am sitting down i get one maybe every 15-25 mins but as soon as i stand up and start doing things they would come every 5 or so mins really strong but no pain like a normal contraction.

From 5pm on tuesday night to about 2pm on wednesday i worked out i would of had roughly 100 BH contractions.

I had all of this happen with DS#2 but it was a week or 2 before he was born at 39 weeks so i wasnt as concerned.

Is anyone else getting this??

Hey Nicki00...

I too am 31 weeks and have been in hospital twice since 28 weeks with the same thing, really bad like period pain, everyone kept telling me it was just braxton hicks but the midwife actually had her hand on my tummy where i said the pain was always happening and she felt contractions not braxton hicks, they were going to keep me in but sent me home as i had white blood cells in my urine and said i have a UTI which can make contractions start. I finished my meds and it is still happening. Just taking it easy and i will ring if they become more painful or more regular. I had my 31 week appointment yesterday and i am measuring 34 weeks and i asked if bub has turned to have her head down yet and the midwife of course said no she will be moving around your only 31 weeks, she had a feel and couldn't feel any part of the baby and i said i know she is in there cos i feel her, so she had to bring in the ultra sound machine to see where she was and she has her head well and truly down, now my midwife said that is why i can't feel her she is so far down already, she has said pls pls pls get to 37 weeks, i haven't had any steriods yet, she was abit worried about tha, bubs heart was going so fast yesterday too.
But madely cleaning today i don't know i can find the enegry but i am taking it easy, bit hard with a 2yr at home too.
I hope you can take it easy too, not sure if i have helped you much.

mummy of 2 girls

Hey Nicki..
I have had the exact same thing over the last few days and it's been freaking me out.. Most of wednesday and wednesday night i had pains like you described. Also really bad lower back pain and pelvic pain.. Yesterday was not so bad and i had a few last night, but at the moment i'm just hoping nothing happens for another month or so.. If it does i will go straight in and they'll fly me to perth.

I've had bad BH with cramps/ period pain and back pain on and off since 19 weeks. I have had them almost constantly for up to 15 hours at a time and what's worse is I have already had a 32 weeker so I am high risk for premature labour anyway. Usually I know i'm not in labour and just try to ignore it but I currently have heart rate issues so I have to call the hospital if they are somewhat regular for more than 2 hours so I can be monitored.

Hope all of your babies hang in there for a few more weeks and the pain eases so we can all relax and enjoy our pregnancies. Rest as much as possible and don't over do it.
Thanks heaps for your replies!!

Trace, they tested me for a uti as well but i didnt have one.
It's so frasturating when i cant even walk around the supermarket without getting them all the time. And yeah i usually know its not labour as well but my labours start out just like the BH do and i only get really bad pain for about 40 mins before bub is born (judgeing by my last 2 labours anyway). Thats the only thing that really worries me. Apart from the fact that bub is breech and i am only 31 weeks.

DH is sure i will have bub in the next 2 weeks. I am thinking that she will come late just to really annoy me lol.
Fingers crossed they all stay put for the next few weeks anyway.

My BH started when I was 17 weeks pregnant with DS but they were not regular.
When I reached 27 weeks they became regular I reang the hospital and they told me to come in they monitored me and said I was having contractions 3 minutes apart. Your story sounds familiar to me.
They kept me in hospital for a few days I had steriod injections and medication to stop contractions.
This happened again at 30 weeks and 33 weeks and then I made it to full term, so I was lucky.

They told me that if it happens once your more than likely it's going to happen again just keep timming them and if they are regular go to the hospital.

Good luck

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