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HPT very faint line. Lock Rss

Hi all!
I did a hpt this evening, and it came up with just a shaddow of a positive line. Just wondering if I should take it as a positive or not.
What are your views?

i would take that as CONGRATS smile lol with this pregnancy i had the faintest little line if i didnt look properly i would of just thrown it in the bin. ull probably find ur very early in the pregnancy i was i worked out 3weeks when i found out this time! i'd go to ur doctor asap and get them to do another test or leave it a day or two and do another home test. good luck renee
I would take it as a BFP aswell with my first I did THREE tests as mine were very faint, dr told me one would of been enough lol.

Doesn't matter how faint it is. If it's there, you're pregnant! Unless it's a faulty test.. but if another comes up with a faint line then yep, it's a positive =)
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